The Best Places to Sell Your Junk

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This month, we challenged we to make a small slot income by cleaning out your closets and offered your neglected junk. You competence be wondering where accurately to sell this junk, though. Don’t get your old, neglected knickers in a knot. We’ve got we covered.

Clothing: eBay or a Consignment Shop

eBay, of course, has been a go-to marketplace for offered all from Beanie Babies to garments to singular selected items. However, as one reader asked:

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Indeed, eBay’s inventory fees are difficult and they can squeeze adult to 10% of a sale cost of your item. Still, this is cheaper than some of a many renouned apps for offered clothes. For example, Poshmark’s elect is 20% on orders over $15. This means it would cost we $4 to sell a $20 shirt on Poshmark, contra $1.83 on eBay. (Since their fees change so much, here’s a accessible eBay Fee Calculator.) If we have usually a few items, I’ve still found eBay to be a one to kick for clothing.


If we have bulk wardrobe equipment to sell, shipment stores like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange are substantially a best place to go to save time. Yes, they take a outrageous elect in elect (Consumer Reports says adult to 50%), yet you’ll sell all during once.

Buffalo Exchange even has a Sell by Mail module in that they’ll boat we a box of wardrobe to fill, we send it off, they collect what they want, and compensate you. Again, we competence acquire some-more offered 10-20 particular equipment on eBay, yet a tradeoff is your time, that is also valuable.

Electronics: Amazon or Swappa

When we asked we what’s a best site to sell your stuff, so many of we voted on Amazon. One of a biggest pros is a outrageous user base—chances are, flattering many everybody we know shops Amazon. Your mileage will change depending on a item, though. You’ll substantially have some-more fitness with costly equipment that people are expected to comparison shop, like electronics.


Amazon is good for large sheet equipment like wiring given when people are acid for that item, your things goes adult for sale subsequent to a new versions. So if you’re offered your used Canon 5D, shoppers browsing that object will have a choice to see “new and used” versions for a many cheaper price.

Don’t worry, we don’t need Amazon’s Professional offered plan, that costs $39.99 a month, to start offered your used things on a site. Their giveaway devise will assign we $0.99 when your object sells, and a handful of other fees that change depending on how many your object sells for and what kind of object it is. Amazon is a lot like eBay in that their cost report is super confusing, yet this Amazon calculator will mangle it all down for you. For electronics, they charge:

  • 15% for a apportionment of a sum sales cost adult to $100; and
  • 8% for any apportionment of a sum sales cost larger than $100

Swappa is another online marketplace readers listed as one of a tip 5 places to sell. They assign low, prosaic fees if your object sells. (if it’s underneath $50, there is no fee!) Most of their equipment are smartphones and tablets, yet they also sell games, laptops, watches, and VR sets. To start selling, we simply determine your account, take some photos, afterwards post your listing. The device has to be authorized by a Swappa staff, who make certain it’s purify and sellable.

If you’re looking for an even easier option, though, try Gone or Glyde. Both sites examination your gadget, find a customer for you, and make we an offer. If we accept, they’ll send we a prepaid shipping box so we can usually toss your object in a box, afterwards toss a box in a mail. Glyde takes 15% of a item’s sale cost and Gone says they cover commissions trimming from 7% to 20%. It’s a bigger cube of your sale, yes, yet a routine is super simple.

Books: BookScouter

Ah, we remember a days of inventory used textbooks on for drink income (or tuition). But is no more, so where’s a book-burdened college tyro to turn?


Bookscouter is a decent alternative, nonetheless it works a small differently than many offered sites. You don’t sell by Bookscouter directly. You hunt for a book we wish to sell, and Bookscouter searches their database of book buyback sites to see that one will compensate we a many money. Pick a businessman we wish to sell to, and Bookscouter takes we to that vendor’s website. Most vendors will give we a prepaid shipping tag to boat a book, and Bookscouter doesn’t take any fees from you.

This works best if we have mixed books to sell, though, given many of these buyback sites have a smallest buyback payment, customarily between $5-$10.

Amazon Trade-In is another decent choice (and not enclosed in Bookscouter’s list). You won’t get income for your book, yet we can trade it in for an Amazon present card. Based on my possess unscientific research, Amazon Trade-In offers were somewhat reduce than many of a vendors listed with Bookscouter, yet usually slightly.

Furniture: Craigslist

Shipping seat is typically a outrageous con and substantially not value it, that is because a aged standby of Craigslist is substantially a easiest place to unpack your coffee list or cot for a many cash.


Craigslist user bottom is huge, and we don’t cruise I’ve ever listed a singular object on Craigslist that hasn’t sold. There are no fees, it’s easy to put adult a listing, and we can name your possess cost with reduction foe given it’s local.

Of course, there are downsides, too. You have to arrange pickup or delivery, that means lugging that seat yourself or permitting a foreigner into your home. Some discerning tips for staying safe: accommodate a customer in a mutual open place (consider Police “Safe Zones”), move a crony or dual along, and usually accept cash.

Everything Else: Facebook

Let’s not forget Facebook. They’re full of internal buy-sell-trade groups for anything else we competence have to sell. Some of them have manners opposite offered wardrobe and other items, yet many of them concede appliances, furniture, gadgets, cars, and other goods.


Some of these groups are public, and private groups competence need we to determine your temperament and address. Like Craigslist, all is local, we can set your possess price, and there are no fees.

Finally, if we have too many junk and not adequate time to sell it all, there’s always a good, out-of-date yard sale. Sure, you’ll have to understanding with strangers all afternoon, yet cruise of how good it’ll be to unpack all that junk during once and suffer your cluttter-free closets.

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