The Best City for You to Start Your Career and Live Your Life

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There are, let’s be honest, too many cities in this country. If you’re not following a pursuit or family or bad-news crush, how are we ostensible to select where to live? Don’t worry, a internet will tell you.

First things first: Where should we start your career? When we was in college, we knew 3 friends who wanted to start a entertainment association together. They did months of research—I remember them poring over print-outs in a dining hall—and finished adult in Portland, OR. That seemed so rigorous. I, on a other hand, only changed to New York City since family was circuitously and where a ruin else was we going to move?


Well, according to this investigate from WalletHub, anywhere else. According to their research, a best cities to start a career (in 2017) are Salt Lake City, UT, Orlando, FL, and Austin, TX. My possess Big Apple is 129th. But that’s not such a shock—the investigate took into comment 23 factors, trimming from “the accessibility of entry-level jobs to monthly normal starting income to workforce diversity.” In further to a altogether rankings, we can see how cities transport on specific criteria—everyone’s best city is different.

If you’re looking for a city that fits your vibe and values in general, ( ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) has an interactive apparatus that promises to broach “The U.S. City You Should Be Living In” formed on your priorities. You select what matters to we from 16 qualities like urban/rural, religious/non-religious, walkability, affordable living, and, of course, internet speed. Then we get a list of cities that fit your needs. You can extent a formula by region, too.

I could not, underneath any multiple of even vaguely loyal selections, get it to tell me we should live in New York, as we still do, so we theory this is my subsequent stop.

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