The Benefits and Risks of Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreams can be some-more than escapist fantasy, though in sequence to reap a advantages of your slumbering mind, we contingency initial tell your mind that your dreams matter. Welcome to week dual of Lifehacker’s Lucid Dream Workshop, oneironauts.

The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

So since worry with wholesome dreaming? First and foremost, wholesome forgetful is fun. Like, really fun. My initial wholesome dream occurred when we was a teenager. we had customarily started reading a book about wholesome forgetful and beginner’s fitness struck me in a hotel room while on a family vacation:


I found myself articulate to a dream friend—who wasn’t genuine though was convincing in my dream state—while station on a football margin during my high school. While we conversed we came to an eye opening realization: I’m on a outing with my family right now, so how could we be during school? Suddenly, all stopped and became some-more vivid. The weed felt real, a object on my skin warmed me, and we became really wakeful that we didn’t know a chairman we had been vocalization to. “Am we dreaming?” we wondered allowed. “If I’m dreaming, afterwards we can fly.” we felt my feet leave a belligerent and we hovered kindly above a dream friend. “I can fly. we can go anywhere!” we suspicion as a enthusiasm of moody pushed me aloft and higher. Soon we was in a clouds formulation to see a universe from a comfort of my bed.

The dream didn’t final many longer, as we couldn’t contend my lucidity, though we woke adult ecstatic. It was a many fun I’d ever had sleeping and we couldn’t wait to do it again.

But wholesome dreams can yield other opportunities as well, if you’re peaceful to put in a legwork. Your dreams can be a sanctum for personal thoughtfulness and low meditation; a place to discuss with your loyal self and coddle over large decisions though a distractions of a waking world. Dreams can also be a place to use real-life activities. Think of a dream universe as a mental operation space, where we can go over your large display for work, combine on your jaunty routines, or even serve your studies before a large exam.

If you’re a artistic type, wholesome dreams can be an unconstrained source of artistic inspiration. The dream universe is your board and we can emanate anything in it. Lastly, dreams are a protected place to examination and overcome anxiety. You can mount adult to a bully, use being social, find a bravery to ask your trainer for a raise, or conquer your fear of open speaking.

The Risks of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid forgetful is generally very safe for those who are mentally stable, though it’s critical to go over some of a intensity risks compared with a practice.

Sleep stoppage occurs for roughly everybody during night during a REM cycle—to keep we from physically behaving out your dreams—but some people knowledge a state that’s in between forgetful and waking when they try wholesome dreaming. This can be frightening given we can’t move, you’re wakeful that you’re awake, though still might be experiencing hallucinations from your dream. This kind of nap stoppage is uncommon, though it’s really a probability while experimenting with wholesome dreams. Fortunately, there are ways to possibly arise yourself adult from this state, or satisfy a full sleep/dream state, though we’ll cover those after on.

One of a best perks of wholesome dreams can also be one of a misfortune pitfalls: picturesque feelings. The wholesome dream state can offer overjoyed feelings of sight, motion, happiness, and even sex, though that means feelings on a other side of a spectrum can start as well. Fear, sadness, and pain are all probable in a wholesome dream too. That said, disastrous feelings like that are still some-more expected to start in a waking state since, distinct a dream state, we have reduction control over a world. And no, you don’t die in genuine life if we die in a dream. Trust me, I’ve died many times in my dreams.


There’s also a probability of “dream claustrophobia,” that is when people turn wholesome in a dream unfolding they are incompetent to manipulate or incite from. But those aren’t that opposite from normal dreams—they’re customarily some-more vivid. And lastly, some fear that regulating wholesome dreams as a form of escapism will force them out of reason with reality. After all, since would we wish to spend time in a normal universe when we can be in your possess personal universe where we have unthinkable power? Well, wholesome dreams customarily final as prolonged as your REM cycles start while we sleep, and training to be wholesome during any time we select takes years and years of training. In short, your dream escapism sessions won’t be any some-more damaging than examination a film or personification a video game—except maybe a bit some-more enlightening.

If any of these amiable risks do shock you, however, wholesome forgetful might not be right for you. Also, if we start to humour from equivocal celebrity disorder, or any other mental commotion that creates it formidable for we to know what’s genuine and what isn’t, you’re improved off sleeping a out-of-date way: wholesome forgetful could means we to humour from dream-reality difficulty and intensify your condition.

But again, while these scenarios are a really genuine possibility, they’re all still doubtful occurrences for those in comparatively healthy mental states who work their approach adult to wholesome dreams with gradual, counsel practice. Lucid dreams are a lot like a swimming pool; it’s a place where we can onslaught and drown, though if we learn how to swim, there’s zero to fear and you’ll have a blast striking around.

Assignment: Start and Maintain a Dream Journal

Learning how to arise adult in your dreams doesn’t matter until we can rise your dream memory. You contingency learn how to mount before we can walk. In fact, we might have had a wholesome dream already, though don’t know it since we don’t remember that it occurred.


Your mind customarily tries to forget your dreams automatically. It knows that those practice aren’t genuine and, as we arise up, tries to pull them to a behind of your mind to make room for evident memories from a waking world. But there’s an easy approach to interrupt this: a dream journal. Keep a coop and pad subsequent to your bed during all times. It should be easy to squeeze and use immediately. Don’t put it in your nightstand drawer, don’t toss it underneath your bed, and don’t use a essay apparatus that takes a lot of bid to use (fancy pens, quills, etc.). You need to be means to strech over, grab, and write. Also, don’t use your phone for this. The act of essay it down, like holding records in class, will customarily assistance we dedicate a dream to memory. Or if we have artistic skills and can pull them out, that’s even better.

Getting a good night’s sleep—at slightest 7 hours’ worth—is also a large assistance during this exercise, as good as via your incursion into wholesome dreaming. Without consistent, calm sleep, wholesome forgetful will be roughly impossible. You don’t get stronger by spending reduction time in a gym.



Additionally, don’t keep your alarm time too distant divided from your bed. You customarily have a few changed moments to dedicate your dream to memory when we arise up, and chasing down an alarm will rubbish that time window. If possible, go to bed early and try to arise adult though an alarm. When we awaken, take a few seconds to go over what we customarily experienced, afterwards squeeze your biography and write it all down as quick as possible. Do this as mostly as we can and your mind will gradually reconfigure the normal wakeup custom to compare your newly announced memory needs.

“Oh, did we wish to reason onto this?” Your mind will contend as we incite from a smashing dream, and you’ll squeeze your dream biography with a resounding “Hell yeah!”

Okay, oneironauts: nap parsimonious and dream on.

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