The 10 Best Deals Of Nov 30, 2017

We see a lot of deals around a web over on Kinja Deals, yet these were a 10 favorites today.

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Delta’s Amazing $15 Shower Head

Delta 75152 Shower Head | $15 | Amazon

Update: This is understanding is back! Just shave a 15% off banking and you’ll see a final ignored cost during checkout.


The showering conduct that came preinstalled in your home or unit is substantially terrible, yet if we don’t have a income to ascent it to a Delta In2ition, a Delta 75152 is a illusory choice for usually $15.

Aside from a singular switch that toggles between 2.5 and 1.85 gallons per minute, this showerhead doesn’t have any important facilities to pronounce of. But we can tell we from years of knowledge that a H2O coverage is over excellent. Each of a 4 valves uses Delta’s H2Okinetic complement to perturb a H2O and emanate a full, ideally diluted wall of water, rather than 4 particular streams. It’s a formidable prodigy to describe, yet we positively suggest we try it for yourself, generally during this price.

h/t Susan Richarte

#2: Philips OneBlades

Philips OneBlade | $17 | Amazon
Philips OneBlade Pro, $59 | Amazon

The Philips OneBlade is a electric shaver of choice for flattering many each male on a staff (and tens of thousands of a readers as well), and both a strange and a upgraded Pro indication are on sale right now for their best cost ever.

The OneBlades are important for their simplicity, versatility, and performance. They work as razors or brave trimmers, we can use them with or yet shred cream, they’re waterproof adequate to go into a shower, and they cut by stubble like a prohibited blade by butter.


The strange indication is great, and a stream $17 understanding done it a many renouned product of Black Friday, yet a $59 Pro has some-more stubble length settings (14 options in a singular tractable comb, rather than 3 bound combs), and a battery that lasts longer and charges faster.

#3: Monitor ARm

FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount | $33 | Amazon | Promo formula NYNAJMPA

If we bought yourself a good new mechanism guard on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, this full-motion arm from Fleximounts will let we position it each that approach we could want. Just be certain to use formula NYNAJMPA during checkout to save $6.

#4: Wrapping Supplies

Hallmark Wrapping Paper and Greeting Card Gold Box | Amazon

Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases have substantially already arrived for a many part, and it’s expected during slightest some of those are gifts. So instead of stealing them in a box of your automobile for a subsequent month, we competence as good start jacket them. This Hallmark Gold Box includes a essentials, like paper, bows, and present bags, all yet a fasten and scissors.

They also have holiday-themed nod cards if you’re one of those super orderly people who send those out. So hang adult these deals, they’ll usually final until a finish of a day or until a products sell out.

#5: Coats!

Up to 60% off name styles | Mountain Hardwear | Use formula MHWDEC60

The continue is indeed flattering good right now, and Mountain Hardwear has a attire and rigging for we to suffer it. Take adult to 60% off a garland of jackets (and one backpack) from their Web Specials section. Use a formula MHWDEC60 and checkout to get a discount. Go stand a towering or transport a trail. Or usually demeanour like we do those things while walking a dog.

#6: Cordless Shoulder Massager

Mynt Cordless Shoulder Massager | $50 | Amazon | Promo formula CYBER224

We’ve seen several deals on these electric shoulder massagers, yet this one is rather singular in that it’s battery powered, so we can use it outdoors, on a plane, or anywhere around your residence where there isn’t a available energy opening nearby.


We’ve posted a identical product from Naipo a few times before, yet this one has twice as many shiatsu nodes (eight vs. four), so it’ll feel like we have a tiny army of masseuses given to your knots. Even if it’s not for you, this would make a good present for an overly-stressed crony or family member.

#7: Wiper blades

15% off Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades | Amazon

If your wiper blades have seen improved days, Amazon will sell we Michelin Stealth replacements currently for 15% off today. The locate is that we can usually use a banking on one blade per order, yet we privately was means to use it twice on a same comment with a following process.

  1. Complete your sequence as common for one blade with a 15% coupon.
  2. Add a second blade to your now-empty transport – a banking did not seem for me this time.
  3. Delete a second blade from your transport and lapse to a banking page.
  4. Go to a second blade’s product page again, click a “Clip Coupon” button, and supplement it to your cart.
  5. Check out a second time for 15% off.

#8: Sonicare Toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health | $50 | Amazon | After $10 coupon
Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush | $20 | Amazon | After $5 coupon
Philips Sonicare Essence+ rechargeable electric toothbrush | $25 | Amazon | After $10 coupon
Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control | $30 | Amazon | After $10 coupon

If we missed a Black Friday sales on a Sonicare DiamondClean, or usually didn’t wish to bombard out that many income for a toothbrush, currently you’re in luck. Amazon is using some discounts on their some-more affordable Sonicare toothbrushes, like a 2 Series, 3 Series, Essence, and Essence+. With a coupons, all of these toothbrushes are $50 or less.


The Sonicare 3 is a nicest and a many travel-friendly of a garland with 3 power settings, so we can adjust mid-brush for lighter cleaning on some-more supportive areas like your gums, and use faster brush strokes on your teeth to brush divided plaque. It also comes with a transport case.

The other brushes are all good deals and $25 and under, usually be certain to shave a coupon. You won’t see a final cost until checkout.

#9: Echo Dot Bundles

Echo Dot + Light Rhapsody Holiday String Lights | $50 | Amazon
Echo Dot + Philips Hue White Starter Kit | $80 | Amazon

The Echo Dot for $30 is still one of a best deals out there right now, yet we can also gold it with a intelligent lighting product currently to save even more.

First up, $50 gets we a Dot and a 24.5′ strand of Light Rhapsody’s holiday fibre lights. These lights are Alexa compatible, so we can control them with your voice, and support mixed colors and themes so they can work with any holiday. The lights alone are $45 right now, so this is like removing a Dot for $5.

For $80, we can opt for a Dot and a two-bulb Philips Hue White starter kit. These bulbs usually support one color, yet we can control them with your phone or your voice, and it comes with a Hue Hub so we can supplement some-more Hue accessories later. The starter pack alone costs $70, definition a effective cost of a Dot is usually $10.

#10: Xenoblade Chronicles For 20% Off

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 | $48 | Amazon | Prime only. Discount shown during checkout.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finally comes out on a Switch tomorrow, that means currently is your final possibility to save 20% by preordering with Prime. Just supplement a diversion to your cart, and we should see a $12 bonus taken automatically.

For a rest of Thursday’s best deals, be certain to conduct over to a categorical post.

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