Sunday’s Best Deals: Adjustable Dumbbells, Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit, USB-C Adapter, and More

Pick adult deals this Sunday on tractable dumbbells, a Star Wars droid contriver kit, a USB-C adapter, and more.

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Top Tech Deals

HooToo USB C Adapter 3.1 | $30 | Amazon

There will come a day that all USB ports are USB-C ports, yet until then, you’re gonna need some dongles. This USB-C heart facilities 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and an SD label reader.

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter | $13 | Amazon | With formula LTF8BHJS

If we possess an comparison vehicle, we substantially don’t have Bluetooth. Hell, we competence not even have an AUX jack. But that doesn’t meant we can’t tide music, podcasts, and phone calls wirelessly to your stereo.

Just block this $13 conductor (with formula LTF8BHJS) into your car’s energy opening (it has dual built-in USB ports so we can still assign your phone), find an dull radio station, bond your phone over Bluetooth, and tide away.

Refurb Kindle Paperwhite | $80 | Amazon

The Kindle Paperwhite is a best e-reader for roughly everyone, and during $80 for a refurb, it’s never been cheaper than it is today. And don’t worry, you’ll still get a same 1-year guaranty you’d get if we bought it new.

Refurb Fire TV Stick | $30 | Amazon

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a good small streaming dongle with all of a energy of Alexa during a disposal, and we can save $10 on yours by shopping a approved refurb currently on Amazon. They don’t always sell refurbs of this thing, yet when they do, they’re customarily labelled during $35, so you’re doubling your assets today.

Vansky Amplified HDTV Antenna | $14 | Amazon | Promo formula 3IX5Y4GD | Also accessible in Clear with a same code

If we don’t have cable, yet don’t wish to skip a Blake Bortles vs. Case Keenum Super Bowl, we can watch it in HD with this $14 amplified antenna.


If you’ve attempted an unamplified HDTV receiver (like a customary Mohu Leaf), yet can’t utterly lift in any channel we want, this leaf-style indication includes a USB-powered amp that should supplement a few miles of range. Promo formula 3IX5Y4GD brings it down to customarily $14, that is one of a best prices we’ve ever seen on an amplified antenna.

Qi Wireless Charging Stand | $16 | Amazon | Promo formula U2DTPOJV

Whether you’re an iPhone owners who finally gets to suffer wireless charging, or you’ve had it for years with your Android devices, this ignored Qi mount will assign and prop adult your device. And with dual charging coils built in, it’ll even work when we lay down your phone in landscape mode.

10% money behind with Chase Freedom and Chase Pay | Best Buy | Maximum $300 in purchases. Promotion expires Feb 4

The Chase Freedom is a no-fee, money behind credit label that pairs masterfully with a Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve, and a stream 5% reward for mobile wallet use is even improved right now if we emporium during Best Buy.

From now until Feb 4, you’ll get 10% money behind when we check during during a earthy Best Buy store regulating a Chase Pay app and your Freedom Card (up to $300 in purchases). That’s fundamentally a 10% bonus on all Best Buy sells, and as we’ve mentioned before, we can send those points to a Sapphire comment to get even some-more value. Just as a baseline, a 3,000 points we acquire from spending $300 during Best Buy would be value $45 in approach ride bookings if we have a Sapphire Reserve, or $37.50 if we have a Preferred.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with formula VIP70
2 Year Plan, $79 with formula 2YSpecial2017
3 Year Plan, $99 with formula 3ydeal

VPNs are in a news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re extraordinary to pointer adult and start safeguarding your browsing story and personal information (or, we know, removing around websites’ geoblocks), NordVPN charges reduction per month than a standard outing to Starbucks.

NordVPN has prolonged been one of a many renouned and arguable VPN providers out there, and if we pointer adult for a one-year membership, promo formula VIP70 will dump your annual cost from $69 to $48. If you’re certain we wish to commit, use this couple to get a special dual year devise for $79 with formula 2YSpecial2017, or this couple to get 3 years for $99 with formula 3ydeal. Lifehacker has endorsed Nord in some prior guides, yet if we have any firsthand knowledge with a service, sound off in a comments!

Top Home Deals

Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set | $251 | Amazon

If you’re looking to ascent your pots and pans, this Calphalon nonstick cookware set is about $30 – $50 reduction than usual, bringing a cost down to $251.

Set of 3 Non-stick Grill Mats Reusable Grilling Mats | $3 | Amazon | Use formula HVSBSORB

Incredibly inexpensive and useful, this 3-pack of griddle mats will forestall half your cooking from descending by a grates, and will cost we customarily $3 with formula HVSBSORB.

Dr. Meter OBD2 Wi-Fi Code Scanner | $12 | Amazon | Promo formula WP6ATP2M

You’ve listened of Automatic’s intelligent pushing assistant, yet if $130 is too abounding for your blood, this OBD2 dongle costs over 90% less, connects to any iPhone or Android device over Wi-Fi, and can perform many of a same functions regulating several third celebration apps.


The many apparent use box here is bargain and clearing check engine codes, yet these things give we entrance to flattering many all of a sensor information in your vehicle, during a many some-more granular spin than you’d get from all of a black in your instrument cluster.

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark | $8 | Williams Sonoma | Promo formula HOLIDAY

Williams Sonoma’s Peppermint Bark is so good, even Drew Magary unequivocally customarily has good things to contend about it. If we can’t move yourself to spend $30 on a bruise of a things though, they’re clearing out their unsold 2017 register during about $8 per bruise when we use formula HOLIDAY. we advise shopping adequate to final we all year.

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow | $32 | Amazon

The Cabeau Evolution was your favorite ride sham (by a prolonged shot), and we can save 20% on yours today.

Unlike cheaper ride pillows that we have to increase with air, a Evolution is done of memory foam, and wraps all a approach around your neck to yield support no matter what instruction your conduct falls when we curtsy off. You won’t win any conform awards while you’re regulating it, yet we won’t care, since you’ll be asleep.


These pillows roughly never go on sale, so if we have any holiday ride skeleton on a horizon, we won’t wish to skip out on this one.

MaidMAX Set of 3 Garment Bags and Shoe Bag | $8 | Amazon | Use formula FKDVQ5KX

Garment bags are a ideal resolution for gripping imagination wardrobe protected while traveling, yet we frequency suggest storing those suits and dresses in one of these even in a closet. For $8, we can squeeze a 3-piece mantle bag set, and a shoe bag, with a formula FKDVQ5KX.

Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump with Soap Sample, Brushed Nickel | $35 | Amazon

This soap dispenser is done by Simplehuman, a association that creates a readers’ favorite rabble cans, a customarily paper towel holders that don’t suck, subsequent spin showering caddies, and a garland of other pleasing and organic pieces for your home. The premonition is that their products are routinely flattering costly and very frequency do they put anything on sale.


But, currently they’re discounting this touch-free soap dispenser, which, among other special features, has a no-drip valve, so we don’t have to bargain a sum crusty soap thats gets stranded to many other pumps. It routinely sells for $40, yet is customarily $35 today, that yes, is still maybe a small pricey for a soap dispenser, yet it’s value it if you’re in a marketplace for an upgrade.

Weighted Blanket | $135 | Amazon | Promo formula WE66O98C

Update: The $140 sweeping sole out, yet here’s a incomparable 15 bruise sweeping for even less. Just be certain to use promo formula WE66O98C during checkout to get a deal.

It’s a winter, so you’re substantially feeling concerned and tired, a ubiquitous sadness if we will. If we need a mangle from all a idiocy and customarily can’t get your mind to spin off for one second, you’re gonna wish to check out a weighted blanket. This one is down to $140 once we shave a $10 off coupon, that is an all-time low. Just trust me on this one.

Zippo 6-Hour immature Rechargeable Hand Warmer | $35 | Amazon

Update: These are even cheaper today, customarily $29.

Unlike those disposable palm warming packets, this $35 Zippo palm warmer will keep your hands toasty for 6 hours, afterwards can be charged with a enclosed USB cord, and reused over and over again. Plus, we can use it year ‘round to assign your phone, as it doubles as a 5200 mAh USB battery pack. Today’s cost is a lowest it’s ever been, so collect this adult before it cools down.

Snickers Slice Share Candy Bar | $8 | Amazon | After 20% coupon

Snickers creates a special 1-pound candy bar that’s designed for rupturing and sharing, yet we won’t tell anyone if we eat a whole thing yourself. Save $2 by writing a banking on a page. Amazon even ships it with reusable cool-packs to keep it from melting en route, not that many of a nation would need them right now.

Lodge 10″ Cast Iron Skillet | $13 | Amazon

The common and inexpensive expel iron skillet is one of many vicious pieces of cooking rigging we can own, and Lodge’s highly-rated 10” indication is behind down to $13 on Amazon. If we don’t possess one, we shouldn’t hesitate.

Cylen Seat Cushion | $14 | Amazon | Use formula 6CPWVGSG

We’ve posted a lot of deals in a past on these coccyx chair cushions, yet when use a formula 6CPWVGSG, it brings it to one of a best prices we’ve seen to date, and this sold indication is one of Amazon’s tip sellers. These will urge viewpoint and palliate behind pain in any chair where we spend a lot of time, from a bureau to a automobile to a prolonged flight.

Coffee Tea Sample Box | $10 | Amazon | Plus $10 Amazon credit on destiny coffee tea purchase

Amazon’s newest representation box is packaged with singular offer tea and coffee drinks – during slightest 6 of them, for $10. That competence not sound like a extensive bargain on a face, yet it also comes with a $10 Amazon credit to spend on full-sized orders of name beverages (see them all here), so presumption we spend that, it’s like removing a samples for free.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork | $6 | Amazon

I know this “tactical spork” is designed for camping, yet if we owned one, I’d substantially use it during home on a unchanging basis. The best partial is positively a dark blade that uses a spork hoop as a sheath, yet a $7 cost tab is a tighten second. Just don’t try to move it on an airplane.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Speedo Apparel and Accessories | Amazon

Ah, a smell of chlorine. If you’re looking to take adult a new swimming hobby or customarily ascent a things we have, Amazon is putting adequate Speedo swimwear and accessories on sale currently to fill an Olympic-sized pool. You can collect adult men’s swimsuits for as low as $18, women’s for $34, and a whole garland of flog boards, goggles, and all that good stuff. This sale customarily lasts by a finish of a day, so flip flog your approach over here before time runs out.

David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs | $21 | Amazon

They aren’t mesh, yet these reward string fighter briefs from David Archy are value it. Pick adult a 4-pack for $21, or check out their other offerings in pajamas and women’s underwear as well. All reward cotton, all underneath $27.

Power Block 24-Pound Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbell | $100 | Amazon

If we can’t be worried to schlep to a gym during a winter, we can still keep in figure during home with this deftly designed PowerBlock dumbbell set. Each dumbbell adjusts from 3 to 24 pounds in 3-pound increments with customarily a crack of a selector pin, so it’s fundamentally like a finish weight shelve that could roughly fit into a shoebox.


Today’s $100 cost tab is an all-time low by scarcely $20, so we can unequivocally flex those assets muscles.

35% off name styles | Columbia

Gone are a days where we started sweating customarily removing dressed in a moring (hopefully). It’s time to bargain with singular number weather. Columbia is giving we 35% off name styles, no formula needed, during their Winter Sale. Choose from over 1,000 styles for everyone. Pick adult layering pieces, boots, t-shirts, and outerwear that’s ideal for a vacillating temperatures, for a lot reduction than normal.

And, if we go ham and spend over $125, you’ll get a $30 benefaction card.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set | $54 | Amazon

Update: Now down to $50.

It competence be a small cold right now, yet once a continue turns you’re going to wish to find a nearest (preferably comparatively calm) physique of H2O and start paddling with this $54 kayak. It’s inflatable, so don’t need a ton of storage space or a vast automobile to ride it. It even comes with all we need, like a oar and atmosphere pump, supplement in a life coupler an you’re good to go.

Extra 25% off sale styles | Saucony | Use formula GET25

You’ve substantially been gearing adult to get regulating outward for a few weeks now, yet if we were looking for an forgive to collect adult new regulating shoes, here it is. Use a formula GET25 and Saucony will strike off 25% from their whole sale section, shoes, outerwear, t-shirts, and some-more included. Now, there’s no forgive not to get your rigging in check.

Up to 60% off name equipment | Benefit
Free shipping of orders $35+ | Benefit | Use formula SALE35

Benefit Cosmetics is by distant one of my favorite makeup brands. The products are high-quality and a wrapping is one-of-a-kind. we know I’ll be stocking adult during their Winter Sale, with adult to 60% off some unequivocally awesome, including their cult-favorite They’re Real mascara, Hoola Bronzer, and more. Plus, once we strike $35 (which won’t be too hard), use a formula SALE35 and get giveaway shipping.

Up to 60% off name boots | Sperry

While this Sperry Sale competence not embody their ever-popular Top-Siders, adult to 60% off name boots is a good approach to bargain with a remaining Winter Weather Advisories that seem to cocktail adult unexpectedly. There are tons of options from ankle to knee-high and even some weatherproof options for those days we don’t feel like violation out a sleet or sleet boots.

Top Media Deals

HIstory Kindle Book Sale | $1 – $4 | Amazon

If a benefaction is a small bit too many for we right now, shun to a past with story Kindle books, all $4 or less. For example, we can get The Woman Who Smashed Codes for $3, a story of a pilgrims for $2, and a story of a falling of a USS Indianapolis for $3.

The Sandlot Blu-ray | $5 | Amazon

Spend a $5 now on this Sandlot Blu-ray so we won’t bewail it FOR-EV-ER, FOR-EV-ER, FOR-EV-ER! It is an Add-on Item, yet it’s value it not to finish adult bobbing for apples in a toilet (and fondness it).

The Wrinkle in Time Quintet Boxed Set | $11 | Amazon

Read Madeline L’Engle’s book before a highly-anticipated, star-studded A Wrinkle In Time film comes out this March. This $11 box set includes all 5 paperback books in a series, that I’m certain will also be cinema shortly enough.

Humble Attack on Titan Universe Bundle 

The latest Humble comics gold is all about Attack On Titan, with volumes 1-22 of a categorical series, and a guidebook, an art book, and some spin-off array separate opposite 4 opposite cost tiers. You can get started with a initial 5 volumes for as small as $1, or clear all starting during $18, and as always, a apportionment of a deduction go to charity.

Top Gaming Deals

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit | $81 | Amazon

While we competence disaster adult a vicious tract indicate of an epic franchise, we can collect adult this droid littleBits set and make your possess R2 section a approach we want. These sets are fundamentally like if LEGO and K’nex had a baby and combined a battery. A garland of we bought these around a holidays, yet today’s cost is within $2 of a best we’ve seen.

Preorder Nintendo LABO Robot Kit | $80 | Amazon

Nintendo’s uncanny new LABO kits are adult for preorder on Amazon for $80 (Robot Kit) and $70 (Variety Kit), and if we wish them on their Apr 20 launch day, I’d suggest grouping it now. LABO kits are fundamentally customarily imagination pieces of cardboard, so one would wish that we won’t see Nintendo’s signature supply shortages, yet that’s substantially customarily sad thinking.

AmazonBasics Switch Carrying Case | $20 | Amazon

While many Nintendo Switch carrying cases are designed for people regulating a console in unstable mode, this AmazonBasics box is vast adequate to lift a wharf and cables as well, so we could set it adult during your friend’s house, or in a hotel room. It’s been as low as $16 in a past, yet $20 is $10 reduction than usual.

Firewatch [Xbox One] | $10 | Amazon

While it’s not perfect, Firewatch tells a plain story by one of a many pleasing diversion environments you’ve ever seen, and we can download it to your Xbox One for $10 today, or 50% off.

LEGO Apollo Saturn V | $120 | Amazon

LEGO’s 1969 square Saturn V Apollo container is customarily out of batch during vital retailers, yet Amazon has it for a $120 MSRP right now, that is overtly a good cost for a container that size, let alone such a desired one. The set lets we build and copy an whole Apollo mission, from launch, to orbit, to moon landing, to splashdown.

Humble Monthly 

The Humble Monthly subscription devise delivers we a preference of new games (to keep!) any month, gives we 10% off all in a Humble Store, and donates 5% of any month’s deduction to charity. If we cite to play your games on PC, it competence customarily be a best bargain in gaming.


Next month’s early entrance diversion customarily usually went live, and it’s a doozy. You get Civilization VI, and a Australian and Viking civilization and unfolding packs, all for customarily $12. You could even cancel your comment immediately after downloading a games (not that we’d suggest it, for all of a reasons minute above), and they’d be yours to keep. Needless to say, that’s a best bargain we’ve ever seen on a latest Civ game.


  • Nylon Braided USB Type C Cable, (2-Pack 6.6FT) USB 3.0 to USB C | $6 | Amazon | Use Code UU5QV3SW
  • HiFiMan HE560 Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones HE560 | $350 | Adorama
  • Whalen 2 Shelf TV Stand with Mount for TVs adult to 50″ | $49 | Walmart
  • VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter | $13 | Amazon | With formula LTF8BHJS
  • HooToo USB C Adapter 3.1 | $30 | Amazon


  • Set of 3 Non-stick Grill Mats Reusable Grilling Mats | $3 | Amazon | Use formula HVSBSORB
  • Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set | $251 | Amazon
  • Costco Membership + $20 Cash Card and $25 Off an sequence of $250 | $60
  • Weighted Blanket for Adults by Buzio (15 lbs) (60 x 80 Inches, Dark Grey) | $135 | Amazon | Use Code WE66O98C
  • Eufy RoboVac 11+, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | $220 | Amazon | After $30 Off Digital Coupon
  • SainSmart x Anet A8 Prusa i3 3D Printer w/ 9″x9″x9″ Heatbed, Prints ABS,PLA,Wood,TPU | $240 | Amazon
  • Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark | $8 | Williams Sonoma | Promo formula HOLIDAY


  • David Archy Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs, 4-Pack | $21 | Amazon
  • Power Block 24-Pound Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbell | $100 | Amazon
  • OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO | $19 | Amazon


  • History Kindle Book Sale | $1 – $4 | Amazon
  • Equilibrium | $5 | Amazon
  • Apocalypse Now | $5 | Amazon
  • The Crow | $5 | Amazon
  • The Sandlot | $5 | Amazon
  • Gone with a Wind | $5 | Amazon
  • American History X | $5 | Amazon
  • The Boondock Saints | $5 | Amazon
  • Drive | $5 | Amazon
  • Gangs of New York | $5 | Amazon
  • Chicago | $5 | Amazon
  • Westworld | $5 | Amazon
  • Billy Madison | $5 | Amazon
  • The Other Guys | $5 | Amazon


  • LEGO Friends Mia’s Camper Van 41339 Building Kit (488 Piece) | $44 | Amazon
  • AmazonBasics Switch Carrying Case | $20 | Amazon
  • Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit | $81 | Amazon

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