Stop Overpacking for Trips With a “Luggage Audit”

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Most of us tend to overpack when we travel. You competence as good toss in those additional shirts, chargers, and camera gadgets since we never know what we competence need, right? Of course, we afterwards finish adult not regulating half a things we bring. If this sounds familiar, cruise a “luggage audit” subsequent time we travel.

It’s approach too easy to only empty all after a trip, forget all about it, afterwards container a same new crap on your subsequent vacation. To fight this, try this: When we unpack, take a notation to consider about any object you’re unpacking. Ask yourself a few questions: How mostly did we use this? Was it value bringing? Can we skip it for a subsequent outing if we need to save space?


From there, emanate a “skip it” list. Make a note of any object we bewail packing. Write them down and toss a note inside your luggage. This way, subsequent time we container for a outing and we wish to save space, you’ll know accurately what we can and should skip.

I did this recently after a outing to Europe. Although we packaged light, we satisfied we still packaged some things we never used once via that week: a span of heels (that imagination cooking never came to fruition), a few too many hosiery (I suspicion it would be colder), and a cover (I overestimated my enterprise to start a transport journal). To save space on my subsequent trip, we did a discerning luggage review when we got home. When we unpacked, we done a note to skip these new equipment on a subsequent journey.

Of course, this won’t always be possible—maybe my subsequent tour will be cold and I’ll need those additional socks—but it serves as a good sign of how to prune down your container and stop make-up a same things we never use.

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