Stop Asking For Beer in ‘Frosty’ Glasses

There’s a bar in my area that has a outrageous pointer adult that says “No Frosty Glasses” on it, presumably since people would ask for splash in one. While a thought of banning solidified eyeglasses competence seem like a attempt by a hipster bar, there’s indeed a lot of good reasons to not splash your splash out of a solidified glass.

Let me prologue this by observant that if solidified eyeglasses are your thing, have during it. There’s really something to be pronounced for going outward with a cold potion of splash on a comfortable day (your splash stays colder longer). But, if you’re in a temperature-controlled bar where you’re not during risk of finale adult with a sun-cooked beer, that solidified potion is doing we some-more mistreat than good.

Killed Flavor

The biggest reason to embankment solidified glasses, in my opinion, is that cold temperatures kill a flavors in beers. While that’s expected a good thought if you’re celebration an inexpensive lager that competence not have a many ideal flavor, doing it with a fuller-flavored splash is only destroying a season of it. The ideal portion heat for many beers is between 40° – 50° F. When we go colder than that we start to change a flavor. Don’t trust me? Try a corresponding of a splash in a solidified potion and one in a room heat one. You’re going to get a lot some-more out of that somewhat cold splash than we are out of a ice cold one.


Presumably, we spent $5 on that nicer splash since we wanted to ambience it. Don’t hurt it by putting it in a crazy cold potion and murdering a nuanced flavors of it.

Off Flavors

Since your potion was presumably spotless right before it was put in a freezer, there’s a good possibility some of that “frost” on a side of your potion is indeed sanitizer used to purify it. That’s not something we wish to drink.


Also, that potion has a event to collect adult tons of crazy flavors we don’t wish in your beer. Take a tough demeanour during that bar freezer. Would we eat a sandwich that was only sitting on a shelve in it? Probably not. That same despondency is also now solidified to your splash glass. Essences of a bartender’s lunch that was put in there to stay cold, flavors from a cleaners used to clean down a freezer during night.

The same could be pronounced for your home freezer. Think about what food tastes like that’s been in there too long? Why would we unnecessarily do that to your beer?

Foamier Presentation

Carbonation froth hang to a ice on a side of your glass. That means your splash is going to be a lot foamier than it should be.

No one wants a splash with a large conduct on it, though when we put it in a solidified mop you’re flattering most environment yourself adult for failure.

Again, if we adore solidified eyeglasses don’t let me stop you. But give both versions a try. You competence be astounded during how most improved a non-frosty potion can be.

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