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This is a time of year when we do good things for others. Here is a unequivocally good thing we can do today, and it will usually take a minute.

Every year during a holidays, a organisation Just Detention International collects and delivers messages of wish for survivors of jail rape. It has never been easier for we to lighten a day of someone who could unequivocally use some kind words. You can revisit a website here to write your message, and JDI will do a rest.


At a request, JDI upheld on some feedback from survivors who have perceived these messages in past years. A few examples:

  • From Sarah, a survivor of years of abuse and nuisance in an Indiana prison: “This was my fifth uninterrupted Christmas in unique confinement, and with a assistance of people who care, we was means to feel during ease. we done a small tree out of a repository and set adult my cards around it to remind me that we am not forgotten.
  • From Ca’Linda, a survivor of steady passionate assaults in a Kentucky prison: “I mostly consternation if anyone cares, if I’m truly as alone as we mostly feel. Today we perceived a lot of cards from a JDI supporters and as we review them we cried tears of joy. I’ve been in unique siege for 4 years and I’ve mostly regretted revelation on my abuser, yet currently I’m blissful we did since we know there are people out there who honestly care. we can’t appreciate we adequate for vouchsafing me know I’m not forgotten. That we matter even yet I’m alone. Thank we from a bottom of my heart.”
  • From Ricardo, a survivor of countless passionate assaults in a Georgia prison: “I perceived a season’s greetings cards. You all unequivocally done my day. They were a usually ones we received. So greatfully tell everybody we pronounced hello, thanks, we adore them, and happy New Year. we never knew so many people cared. we review a cards over and over until we fell asleep. And when we woke adult we review them all over again. we perceived so most middle strength from them. You all can never suppose how clever they done me feel.”
  • From William, a survivor of passionate attack in a Missouri prison: “The cards we sent were a usually thoughts from others that we perceived for Christmas. we had my fingers crossed that I’d hear from during slightest one of a 7.5 billion people in a world. Had it not been for those cards, I’d have felt counted among a vital dead.”

Send your summary now.

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