Secret Santa Saved My Family Gift Exchange

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My family isn’t good during present exchanges. We tend to buy gifts too late (“Merry Christmas, here’s a print-out of what you’ll get in January!”) or err any other’s tastes. We have difficulty relating a budgets—do we need to dump as most income on a cousin’s new beloved as we do on my mother? And if I’m not going home for Christmas this year, do we unequivocally need to mail a dozen detached gifts? One year we usually forgot to embody a family member, annoying everybody involved.

For a final few years, we’ve solved all this with a tip Santa exchange, where any chairman buys usually one present for one family member. The immature and pennyless members of a family are relieved to spend less, and a some-more nauseating members get to spend some-more time creation that one present count. Secret Santa saved Christmas. And it can save yours, with your family or co-workers or crony group.


If you’re together all a time, we can lift names out of a hat. If not, there are copiousness of sites that will incidentally allot gifters and keep lane of wish lists. We use DrawNames, though we can use a somewhat slicker Elfster or a splendid and accessible They all get a pursuit done.

Elfster’s consummate interface

Some elementary manners to follow:

  • Pick a obliged chairman to manage a exchange. My family’s sell would tumble detached if my hermit didn’t keep texting us to sign adult already. And if anyone doesn’t follow through, their target is going to feel terrible.
  • Set a bill extent that everybody can meet. Ours is $40.
  • Encourage everybody to fill out a wish list on a site. we like to list a half-dozen options, including some easy purchases like a favorite book, and some that competence take some-more effort. Then my tip Santa gets to select their comfort level.
  • But also inspire people to skip from a wish list if they want. It’s some-more fun that way.
  • If we don’t know what to get someone, ask around. Your target is usually removing one gift, so don’t half-ass it.
  • If some people unequivocally wish to opt out and buy everyone gifts, let them.
  • Skip a Yankee barter thing (where everybody gets a possibility to take any other’s gifts). It’s so fundamentally ungainly that there’s an Office part about it:

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