Replace Your Lawn With These Superior Alternatives

Photo by Debbie Ballentine

Earlier this week, we suggested we stop mowing your lawn. American weed caring consumes roughly a third of all U.S. domestic H2O use and produces 4% of all U.S. atmosphere pollution, according to a EPA. Plus it’s a pain in a ass.

Of course, usually flourishing your weed out can demeanour disorderly and attract pests, and it’s not an choice for those with a limiting homeowners organisation or internal government. To get a attractive low-maintenance lawn, you’ll need to reinstate your high-maintenance weed with improved grass, flowers, or even rocks.

Low-maintenance grass

Fescue. Photo by CountryMouse13

Certain breeds of fescue grass, engineered to equivocate a breed’s standard clumping, grow solemnly adequate to need usually a monthly mowing. Fescue is audacious adequate for many forms of dirt in many ascetic climates. The roots of excellent fescues evacuate an amino poison that kills weeds like crabgrass.


Sedges are associated to grasses and demeanour usually like them. They naturally start on each inhabited continent, and opposite varieties can withstand opposite hydration levels.

UC Verde Buffalograss uses reduction than half a H2O of high fescue. It goes brownish-red in a California winter, though if we need it immature year-round, we can mist it with a soft territory colorant.

Alternative plants

Persian speedwell. Photo by coniferconifer

Herbs like Corsican mint, Roman chamomile, and creeping thyme yield perfumed belligerent coverage, and it’s a neat pretence to bravery your spices right out of your lawn.

Flowers like creeping speedwell, or branded floral blends like Fleur de Lawn, are some-more celebrated though still simply confirmed during an excusable (or required) height. Drought-resistant clover can be seeded right into an existent lawn, and it fertilizes itself by sketch nitrogen from a air.

Or reject a whole “flat belligerent cover” model and plant a accumulation of underbrush and trees in a bed of mulch. It’s not cheap, though a upkeep labor is most some-more engaging than sitting on a mower. The Santa Monica plan gardengarden showcased a tolerable weed full of local plants, and a Santa Monica Airport facilities 3 artistic tolerable gardens.

Something else entirely

Photo by Kevin Spencer

In a Southwest, many homes simply cover a tiny yard in rocks, infrequently dotted with underbrush and trees. In less-arid climates, rocks are still a excellent bottom for a yard full of vegetation.



Astroturf, while easier to say than territory grass, still takes some spraying down and unconditional up, and it heats adult in a sun. All that cosmetic doesn’t soak adult hothouse gases, and when it’s transposed it ends adult in a landfill. Plus it’s banned by many homeowners associations. Don’t bother.

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