RED’s Hydrogen gets a hands-on treatment

If RED irritated your seductiveness with a deceptive promises of a holographic slot digital cinema phone (what does that even mean?!), you’ll be meddlesome to hear that YouTuber Marques Brownlee (AKA MKBHD) has gotten his hands on a antecedent and was agreeably impressed.

Update: now with scold video!

It’s a savage of a phone, with a ridged, industrial pattern like that of a company’s cameras and accessories. Of course, being a prototype, it doesn’t unequivocally work — this one is some-more of a image to uncover a phone in a exposed state. And nonetheless it competence not be for everyone, we conclude that a creators are doing something other than a featureless lozenge.

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  5. hydro1

And afterwards there’s a second antecedent that shows what a device competence demeanour like when it’s indeed prepared for some video-takin’:

Wait, we didn’t consider we were going to fire your subsequent film with only a straight-up phone, did you? Hell, even those “shot with iPhone” cinema use all kinds of stuff, like lens attachments, lighting setups and all that. No, a Hydrogen will be a big, corpulent mom when it’s indeed doing a digital cinema stuff. I’m astounded they put a 1/8″ headphone jack and not a tripod mountain on a thing.

A third prototype, versed with a supposed holographic display, is shown mostly off-camera, and Brownlee, yet he says he was merely during a detriment for words, doesn’t seem quite blown away. It’s easy to suppose why: tiny glasses-free 3D displays came and went not since they didn’t work yet since they aren’t compelling. If this is only a high-fidelity chronicle of a record that unsuccessful for a dozen reasons, it’s tough to pattern any enthusiasm.

Brownlee’s a RED fan, though, so we consider he’s gripping a faith. He says we can design some-more about a Hydrogen in a subsequent month or so.

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