Plex Just Killed My Cable Box Rental, and It Could Kill Yours Too

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One of a unwashed secrets about streaming live TV services like PS Vue and Hulu TV is that in many cases you’re profitable a same volume of income as we would for elementary cable. The categorical difference, besides a advantage of not traffic with a godforsaken wire company, is a crazy monthly fees internal operators like to assign for their hardware—often $8 to $12 a month. But Plex, a renouned video app that lets we simply share your whole video library to many any device we want, only combined support for streaming live TV. Which means that with a small investment, we can shun many of those let fees for good. we attempted it, and I’m only about prepared to get absolved of that wire box forever.

Plex works arrange of like Netflix for your possess library of media. You put all your films, TV shows, and home cinema on a tough drive, indicate a Plex server module during a files, and thereafter suffer examination them around a Plex customer module that is accessible for many intelligent TV platforms, set-top boxes, and any kind of mobile device.

You can arrange by channel, though it’s a unequivocally opposite approach of navigating TV stations that many users will be accustomed to. (Image: Plex)

There are dual vast problems with Plex. The initial is that compared to other options, it’s kind of a pain in a donkey to set up. That jump is surmountable, though what’s unequivocally tough is legally stuffing Plex adult with media. For everybody who is ripping DVDs to put on their Plex server, there are others regulating torrents or downloading potentially bootleg streams. Last September, Plex took a vast walk brazen by rising a DVR use that allows anyone with a TV tuner done by HDHomeRun to record radio directly to their Plex server.


A HDHomeRun TV tuner is a small black box cord-shavers can use in lieu of a full wire box. You lease a CableCard from your TV provider for a favoured price (usually $1-2 a month), block it into a HDHomeRun and thereafter bond a tuner to your network. Plex now sees it and provides we with all your channels. A box for over-the-air TV costs $80. The cable-compatible costs $130.

It is a neat feature, though it has mostly felt some-more like a explanation of judgment than a honestly useful DVR. It’s a bit slow, and mostly a media we record is downloaded in files too vast to be unsentimental for progressing a multimedia server.

The recommendation underline will remind we how terrible your ambience in programming is. (Image: Plex)

In a latest build of Plex, a server can indeed automatically modify a media, resolution this problem. More importantly, we get now watch live TV around a underline called, strangely enough, Live TV. Now my dad, down in Texas, can record into my Plex server to watch New York baseball, or we can locate a culmination of The Americans while sitting in a bar in downtown Brooklyn. Many cordcutting live TV services don’t offer that kind of freedom—locking we into a specific internal observation area and not permitting we to locate adult on your shows when you’re distant from home.

Setting adult Live TV on Plex is as easy as environment adult a DVR. we simply plugged a HDHomeRun in, connected it to a same network as my Plex server, and watched a videos bucket up. Choosing media on Live TV around Plex is as elementary as selecting media routinely on Plex. Just find what we wish to watch and strike enter.

While this is a unequivocally appealing approach to uncover what’s on right now, it’s also a calamity to navigate when we have a lot of channels available. (Image: Screenshot)

Plex shows any module accessible for observation as a possess cold small film poster. It’s poetic to demeanour at, though a miss of a normal TV beam perspective creates it formidable to navigate when we have some-more than a few channels to go through. Trying to find something to watch with a 130 channels we allow to around wire can limit on nightmarish.

But I’ve got to admit, I’m fine traffic with a con of a TV tuner and a Plex server, since I’ve transient a border of a monthly wire box let fee. It costs $12 a month for me to have a singular DVR box by Spectrum—so $144 per year. Using a new Plex functionality we can only spend $130 on a HDHomeRun Prime section and $1 a month on a CableCard from Spectrum (HDHomeRun has a possess DVR module solution, though it isn’t anywhere nearby as superb or easy to use). That’s $142 in a initial year and only $12 for any year afterwards. Besides profitable for itself in only a year, a HDHomeRun choice also gives me a ability to watch TV anywhere in a universe that we have internet access—something that’s only not doable with Spectrum’s setup.



Live TV on Plex is now accessible to subscribers of a $5 per month Plex Pass service. The underline is on iOS and Nvidia Shield Plex clients, though will be done accessible to other clients unequivocally soon. In further Plex has also combined support for mixed other TV tuners besides HDHomeRun, including any TV tuner that now works with Windows.


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