Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed to Frighten You

It’s that special time of year again when everybody is looking for a good frightful story. And yet podcasts some-more mostly conjure adult a images of peaceful interviews with artistic forms and balmy NPR voices, some-more shows are relocating into a domain of old-school radio plays, producing unsettling (and addictive) stories from loyal crime to horror. we wish we brought an additional span of pants, ‘cause these podcasts move a terror.


This award-winning podcast hosted by author Aaron Mahnke takes a demeanour during a loyal stories behind common folklore, high tales, and hauntings. Each part is about a opposite subject and dives low into a inlet of a genuine story to expose a dim side of tellurian nature. You’ll fast learn that a law is mostly stranger—and scarier—than fiction.

Snap Judgment presents: Spooked

What creatively started as an occasional special part of a Snap Judgment podcast hosted by Glynn Washington has given morphed into a possess show. Spooked is all genuine stories from genuine people about ghosts, monsters, curses, and other run-ins with a unknown. It’s sincerely new as a standalone show, so don’t design a outrageous reserve to puncture through, though it’s good stuff. It’ll usually take one part to get we totally bending and wanting more.


This podcast from Two-Up Productions follows American Public Radio inquisitive contributor Lia Haddock, who’s looking into a puzzling disappearance of over 300 people during a neuroscience investigate trickery in Tennessee. If a renouned podcast Serial was focused on a darkly weird and unexplained it would sound like this.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This podcast, from a folks who brought we Welcome to Night Vale, is a array of audio diaries from a lorry motorist in hunt of her wife—who she suspicion was dead. During her cranky nation tour she encounters all kinds of puzzling places and dangers. If you’re into surreal, creepy tiny city vibes a la Twin Peaks, this podcast is value a listen.

The Black Tapes

Another good feign non-fiction-style podcast about a radio module host—the make trust Alex Reagan—who’s questioning a unsolved cases or “black tapes” of illusory paranormal questioner Dr. Richard Strand. Everything feels usually genuine adequate to send chills adult your spine. If we like an NPR-style proceed to your scares, this uncover is a lot of fun.

Knifepoint Horror

If some campfire storytelling is what you’re after, a Knifepoint Horror podcast is for you. These tales are reduction productions and some-more like simple, unsettling confessions. Host Soren Narnia uses roughly zero though her voice to tell we a story that’s usually genuine adequate to make we doubt any shade we see during night.

The Wicked Library

This podcast is hosted by Daniel Foytik facilities stories from a far-reaching accumulation of eccentric fear authors who are looking to give we a heart attack. Each part facilities a new story review by one of a show’s glorious readers, interviews, and song from indie composers. Think of The Wicked Library as a grand indie fear showcase.

The NoSleep Podcast

This renouned fear novella anthology began as a NoSleep subreddit where users would sell their best frightful stories and frightening experiences. Soon it became a podcast where a best stories were incited into audiobook character stories we could listen to on a go. The usually order is any story contingency be told in a initial chairman as if a story unequivocally happened. Every part contains around 5 stories to keep we adult during night.

Anything Ghost

This podcast has been delivering genuine spook stories from genuine people given 2006. The uncover is a brew of horde Lex Wahl reading personal paranormal practice and internal spook legends sent in around email and callers pity their possess tales of terror. Depending on story length, any part delivers 5 to 10 stories you’ll wish to listen to with a lights off.

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