Manage Your Smart Lightbulbs with Emoji Stickers

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I recently purchased a few intelligent bulbs and have skeleton to enhance my collection of intelligent lights. we did notice a tiny nuisance during setup, however: it was tough to tell that tuber was that but staring into an app. So we combined a visible assist to my bulbs regulating emoji stickers. It’s a lot easier to see a “banana” light is out instead of perplexing to figure out that tuber is “Hue vital room tuber 7” while your roof fan is off.

Get Some Stickers

You’ll need some stickers, of course. You can get a 1,344-pack of emoji stickers on Amazon. They’re minuscule, usually a half-inch in diameter, so it won’t adversely impact a bulb. If we have your bulbs inside fixtures like lampshades or sconces, we won’t even see them until we need to.

Since a intelligent bulbs are LEDs, and don’t get as prohibited as normal bulbs, we don’t have to worry about a stickers melting or bark off.

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Use Similar Emoji as Visual Aids

You really have some-more than a few lights in any room, so to make things easy, allot bedrooms emoji categories. we designated fruit emoji for my vital room, and smiley face emoji for my office. No doubt we can use analogous home-related emoji for a rest, or apart them by color.

It creates it easier if we ever have to pierce as well. You can leave your tuber settings as they were but carrying to reassign or file them since we forgot that tuber went where.

Assign Emoji in The App

After we collect some stickers and request them to your intelligent bulb, you’ll have to rename them accordingly. In a Philips Hue app, we can simply prepend a tuber name with a analogous emoji.



Even if we don’t have a ton of intelligent gear, classifying them with this emoji shorthand creates it easier to conduct a rigging you’ll supplement in a future.

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