Make Your Own Version of Taco Bell’s Halloween Candy Quesadilla

Photos by Claire Lower.

Whether we chose to give out candy or take tiny people trick-or-treating, we will no doubt find yourself in possession of some volume of Halloween candy on Nov 1st. You could trowel it into your mouth mindlessly, lot out a square any day and make it final until Christmas (my mom’s favorite), or we could take a page out of Taco Bell’s menu and grill it in a flour tortilla.

Though we could go noise down a dollar during a fast-food taco purveyor and have someone else make it for you, we won’t get a accumulation of flavors and textures you’ll grasp with a homemade version, as Taco Bell’s usually comes in Kit Kat and (in some locations) Twix varieties.

To make this delicious, chocolaty, usually rather unpleasant leftover candy treat, we will need:

  • Candy, obviously
  • Nutella, to assistance keep a candy in place as it melts
  • 1 flour tortilla
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • Maldon salt (Trust me on this.)

Gather your candy, uncover it, and clout it into uniform pieces. If we have turn candies to contend with—such as Maltesers or a obtuse malt ball, Whoppers—just leave them in their wrapping and strike them with a complicated object.

Spread a small Nutella on half of a flour tortilla, afterwards arrange your candy in a single, rather prosaic layer.

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