Make Your Own Golden Syrup for a Best Pecan Pie of Your Life

Photo by A.A. Newton.

Corn syrup is gross. we theory it’s okay in tiny quantities—say, to give homemade caramels a bit of chew—but it’s too one-note to be a standalone sweetener. As such, we equivocate it when we can.

Sadly, my adore for pecan cake doesn’t block with my antipathy for corn syrup. Treacly nut-and-custard pies unequivocally need some demeanour of sugarine syrup for a filling—even my intensely anti-HFCS mom keeps a bottle of Karo in a sideboard for this purpose—but honey, maple syrup, and molasses change a season too much. Enter golden syrup, an upset syrup done from shaft sugar. It has a pointed caramel season and some-more sodium than corn syrup, and provides some acquire complexity and balance. You’ll never go behind to corn syrup once you’ve done a pecan cake with this stuff.


Here in Canada’s Pants, land of a giveaway and home of a high-powered corn lobby, loyal golden syrup is tough to lane down. Tate Lyle’s is a UK’s many renouned brand, and it can purchased online for a reasonable price. If we wish a OG and don’t mind spending $10-$12 for it to be delivered to your door, go for it, though we can also make golden syrup during home fundamentally for free. All we need is white sugar, water, and a lemon.

Notes: As written, this yields about 2 cups of syrup; double it if we need more. Also, this is really a mise en place recipe. Once a caramel starts cooking, it goes fast, so have your mixture all totalled out and prepared to go. Choose an easy-to-pour vessel for a hot water, that we wish to supplement gradually.


(for a bottom caramel)

50 g (¼ cup) white sugarine

15 g (1 tablespoon) water

(for a syrup)

200 g (1 cup) white sugar

150 g (scant ⅔ cup) hot H2O

1 crowd lemon or 1 teaspoon uninformed lemon juice, strained


Bring a tea kettle of H2O to a full boil. Keep it as tighten to hot as probable while we start a syrup.


Place a bottom caramel mixture in a tiny saucepan and prepare over really low heat, stirring to disintegrate sugar. Once a sugarine has dissolved, stop stirring and concede caramel to prepare until golden brown. It’ll go from golden brownish-red to smoking in a blink of an eye, so keep a feverishness low and watch it like a hawk. Mine baked somewhat too prolonged and started to smoke, though incited out fine—as prolonged as it doesn’t spin black, you’re OK.

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