Make Your Own Fruit Roll-Ups With Just Three Ingredients

In a good diversion of lunchbox break trading, few equipment reason as most poke as a a vigourously pinkish or—if you’re very lucky—tie-dye fruit roll-up. Though we still have a soothing mark for a plasticky confection, we would demur to embody it in my five-a-day count. Luckily, we can get some-more fruit in your fruit break by creation your own.

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I’ve always had a good bit of success with this recipe from a Food Network, that requires:

  • 1 1/4 pounds chopped fruit
  • 3/4 crater sugar
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons uninformed lemon juice

The thought is that we can take flattering most any fruit, puree it with sugar, supplement lemon remove to taste, and afterwards boil it down into a thick, fruity goop. This goop is afterwards widespread into a skinny covering over a piece of vellum or silicone baking mat, and droughty in a 200-degree oven until it can be peeled adult and sliced (about 3-4 hours).

It’s flattering candid process, yet there are some nuances I’ve picked over after creation several batches:

Not All Fruit is Going to Behave Like You Expect It To

Fruit is not a monolith, and several berries, apples, and drupes all have opposite amounts of water, sugar, and pectin. While a above reduction of dragonfruit and pink had a pleasant flavor, it resulted in a really skinny reduction that compulsory most some-more simmering than other fruity configurations.

No cooking required.

Conversely, a blueberry-fig-balsamic conditions thickened into a slicable jelly after only half an hour of sitting on a countertop. (Yes, we review that correctly: In a cadence of brilliance, we substituted out lemon remove for balsamic vinegar, and my life was perpetually changed.) The strawberry-raspberry mixture, however—one pint of any berry—was a platonic ideal in terms of cooking time and texture.

Tie-Dye is Challenging

If we wish to go a multiple-tone route, comprehend that we can’t only start throwing opposite flavors together and design it all evaporate during a same rate. As we can see from a above photo, we attempted to mix all 3 of my flavors into one colorful strip, yet differences in flexibility resulted in an uneven, kind of lumpy roll-up, with some of a dragonfruit-peach segments crisping adult only a touch. (It still tasted really good though.)

Enlist Other Members of Your Pantry

Just since we’re creation fruit snacks, it doesn’t meant we have to hang to fruit and fruit alone. As we mentioned earlier, balsamic vinegar gave my blueberry-fig roll-up a nice, polished bit of acidity, yet almond extract, vanilla, and even black peppers can rouse a once-childhood favorite to something decidedly mature.


Once you’ve figured out your flavors and fruit ratio—start with a 50/50 reduction of dual fruits and adjust from there—just supplement 3/4 cups of sugar, mix it together, and cook it down. Spread it out so it’s thin, yet not translucent, afterwards evaporate for 3 or some-more hours, until a tip of a fruit leather is only hardly run-down to a touch. Let it cool, flay it off whatever non-stick element you’re using, and cut it into sheets or strips. Roll it a pieces adult in parchment, tie it adult with a bit of twee twine, and lot out to your favorite propagandize children and adults.

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