It’s Time to Stop Using Snapchat (Unless You’re a Teen)

Near a finish of 2017, something uncanny started to happen. Snapchat’s iPhone app kept logging me out of my account. The initial few times, we shortly logged behind in, though after a fourth or fifth time we didn’t bother. we was already removing wearied with Snapchat, and we shortly found that Instagram’s copycat Stories underline was only as good—if not better.

Then, after reading a Daily Beast’s exposé on what’s indeed going on inside Snapchat’s offices, we deleted a app off my phone. So I’m job it now. 2018 is a year we should all embankment Snapchat—well, unless you’re a teen.

Instagram Is Just as Good during Stories as Snapchat


When Instagram initial stole Snapchat’s stories idea, it didn’t proviso me. Facebook has a prolonged story of duplicating a competitors, and many of a time a outcome comes out half-baked. But in this case, we was wrong. I’ve been regulating Instagram stories exclusively for a past few weeks and it’s improved for a integrate of reasons.

The biggest pro is simply that some-more people are on Instagram. we have some-more friends and supporters on Facebook’s app than we do on Snapchat, and that means some-more people are saying my Stories (about 3 times as many for me). So it feels a lot reduction like I’m only promulgation photos and videos out into a void, that is what regulating Snapchat mostly felt like.

On tip of that, Instagram is only plain easier to use. Everything from pity new photos to checking who watched my final story is elementary and intuitive. That really can’t be pronounced for Snapchat, that creates we navigate opposite pages by a array of swipes we was never totally means to memorize. Snapchat says it’s operative on a large redesign to make a app easier to use, though we still don’t know when that will indeed happen.

Snapchat’s Business Is Just As Messy as Its App

Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel//TechCrunch on Flickr

The Daily Beast’s new story is formed on leaked inner data, divulgence that many of Snapchat’s large facilities don’t get really most use. Exciting additions like Snap Maps and Discover (where media companies share informative stories) aren’t flourishing during all.


Snapchat’s corporate enlightenment seems flattering dour too. Speaking anonymously to a Daily Beast, former employees compared a association to a falling Titanic and pronounced they’re mostly held off ensure by new announcements and features. Another source pronounced CEO Evan Spiegel is “paranoid” and spooky with leakers inside a company.

Perhaps misfortune of all, Snapchat’s HR arch Jason Halbert is apparently still in energy notwithstanding allegations of inapt behavior. He allegedly works closely with Spiegel and has “free rein” to go after leakers.

If any of this has we feeling uncomfortable, it’s a flattering good adequate reason to undo Snapchat once and for all.

Unless You’re a Teen

Snapchat rose to celebrity as an app for teenagers, and that’s still where a bulk of a recognition comes from. A new consult found that 79% of teenagers have an account, and 44% of teenagers would collect it over other apps like Instagram or Facebook if they had to select only one.


A large partial of Snapchat’s interest among teenagers comes from Snapstreaks, an addictive underline that depends how many days in a quarrel we and a crony summary any other behind and forth. Streaks can go on for hundreds of days or even years, and Snapchat rewards opposite milestones with special emoji.

If nothing of that creates any clarity to you, you’re substantially not a teen and we should go forward and undo Snapchat. If you’ve been nodding along to a final paragraph, afterwards hang with Snapchat and keep racking adult those streaks, during slightest until Facebook or Instagram copies that underline too.

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