It’s Hard Not to Love a Google Home Mini

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It’s roughly astray that many of a universe met a voice-controlled destiny in a form of an Amazon Echo. Sure, a tool works, yet damn is it ugly. The Google Home was improved yet still arrange of silly-looking. That’s given a sleek, minimalist Google Home Mini feels like a revelation.

This donut-sized device does roughly all a uglier comparison kin does. It offers near-instant entrance to Google Assistant, creation it easy to ask what’s on your calendar currently or how bad a trade will be on a proceed to work. You can scream Google searches, like “When was a final time a United States missed a World Cup?” (Until this year, it was 1986.) And maybe many usefully, we can control a connected inclination in your home with a Google Home Mini. You could say, “Hey Google, spin on a TV.” And it would occur like magic.

The strange Google Home is a plain aspirant to a Amazon Echo, a device I’d report as a bullion customary of voice-powered home-control devices. The Google Home Mini is an apparent aspirant to a Amazon Echo Dot, a device that looks like a can of nipping tobacco and offers a lot of a same capabilities as grandaddy Echo. Both inclination cost about $50. Both are small.


The large disproportion is that a Google Home Mini is a large tiny thing. The device indeed looks nice, like an individualist emblem that connects to a internet and does things. You’d roughly never know it was there, either, given a fabric-covered device (available in chalk, charcoal, and coral colors) most disappears on your countertop.

The hardware pattern is simple—almost too simple. There are 4 indicator lights on a tip of a tiny wafer and a singular orator inside. The device is also hold sensitive. You can adjust a volume by drumming on a sides and play or postponement song by drumming a top. (UPDATE: Google has henceforth disabled all hold functionality on a tip of a Home Mini, after a blogger speckled a bug that available all audio after regulating that functionality. You can still adjust a volume by touching a sides, however.) The usually emergence of a earthy symbol is a tiny switch on a bottom to tongue-tied a far-field microphone. That microphone is flattering good yet not amazing. It will collect adult your voice from opposite a room, yet not if there’s a lot of sound in a background.

The tongue-tied switch for a microphone is accessible yet simply dark from view.

The orator itself is also flattering good yet unequivocally not amazing. Then again, a Google Home Mini is not meant to be a home audio system. That’s what a Google Home Max is for. There is also no submit for a 3.5-millimeter audio cable, that honestly sucks given we can’t bond a bigger orator directly to a Google Home Mini. You’ll need Chromecast Audio to do that. It’s also value observant that Google Home will not work with Sonos Play:1 or Sonos Play:3 speakers during all. You can bond a Sonos Play:5 orator regulating Chromecast Audio.


On a module finish of things, a Google Home Mini also excels. Set adult takes approximately 6 seconds with a Google Home app—which we won’t unequivocally need to use thereafter given we module all of a actions with a apart Google Assistant app. Here, we can couple your Assistant to third celebration services like Spotify or to home control systems like Logitech Harmony or Philips Hue. You can also module supposed shortcuts that creates interacting with a Assistant some-more natural. So, for example, we don’t have to say, “Hey Google, spin on a Philips Hue lights.” You can only say, “Hey Google, spin on a lights.”

Google compares a figure to a donut, yet it feels like a cheeseburger slider to me.

The Google Assistant and Google Home knowledge feels intuitive, and it should. Google has a ton of knowledge when it comes to healthy denunciation estimate and appurtenance training as good as module that involves voice control, interjection to decades of building out a hunt capabilities. The ability to simply customize your knowledge also harkens behind to Google’s knowledge building a stretchable height like Android. The Amazon proceed is most reduction flexible. Compared to a Amazon Echo—a rough vessel float that gets we to your destination—the Google Home knowledge feels like a oppulance cruise. But even oppulance cruises can be flawed, weird, and unsatisfying during times.

The immeasurable infancy of my time with a Google Home Mini has been organic and fun. It’s good to find a YouTube video on my phone, spin on my TV with a voice command, and expel a video on a bigger screen. This clearly elementary action—and many others—work best if we do all in a Google ecosystem. For instance, if we don’t have a home control complement already set up, we need a Chromecast that’s plugged directly into a wall to spin on your TV with Google Home. we have a Logitech Harmony system, so we routed a Google Assistant actions by that to spin on a TV. In doing so, we set adult a by-pass in a Assistant app that saved me from revelation my Google Home to tell Harmony to spin on a TV. we only have to say, “Turn on a TV.”

Which one would we rather have in your kitchen?

It’s value highlighting that Google Assistant does onslaught a bit with combined layers of complexity. My lighting setup is somewhat unusual, given we use Philips Hue bulbs in 3 lamps, one of that is plugged into an internet-connected Lutron switch. we like a switch given it comes with a tiny remote we can use to low a flare yet removing out of bed or touching my phone. Google Assistant struggles with this setup. Basic commands like, “Brighten a lights,” work, yet each time, a Google Home Mini would remind me that it doesn’t know what to do with a flare that’s plugged into a Lutron switch. Attempting to spin on specific scenes, like a Philips Hue nightlight, doesn’t work during all. It’s probable some tinkering competence solve this problem, and given a Assistant app is so easy to use, we won’t even mind doing it.


This instance competence be specific to me, yet it illustrates how regulating Google Assistant to control home inclination still lacks some sophistication. The problem could be simply solved if Google combined some hardware to Home inclination and incited them into intelligent home hubs. Apple did this with a HomePod, as did Amazon with a Echo Plus. It stays to be seen how most this will urge a user knowledge and customization options, however, given conjunction of these products will boat until after this year. In a meantime, we can bond a Google Home Mini to a hub—in my case, it was a Harmony Hub—and benefit some new functionality. It competence not work 100 percent of a time! That’s kinda partial of a fun, though.

In a end, a Google Home Mini is only that: fun. It’s fun to set up. It’s fun to use. It’s even fun reckoning out what a device can do that we haven’t already suspicion of. And while we can do identical things with any Amazon Echo device, a knowledge feels reduction personal. Maybe that’s a nauseous hardware or clunky module imbuing me with a disastrous feeling, yet we only don’t suffer a Echo as most as we suffer a Home.


The best partial about this whole equation is that $50 cost tag. That creates it easy to buy mixed Google Home Minis and put them in mixed rooms. The tiny intelligent orator competence even supplement a tiny pattern flair, too, given they’re so damn good-looking. (You positively can't contend a same for a Amazon Echo Dot.) What we trust is even some-more appealing is a thought that we can examination with a thought of carrying a good designed intelligent orator and afterwards not feel awful if we don’t finish adult regulating it. For a cost of a decent cooking for two, a Google Home Mini is a review square during worst. At best, it’s your new best friend.


  • Better looking than an Amazon Echo Dot yet does all a same tricks
  • Elegant module pattern creates it easy to customize actions
  • Struggles with some formidable tasks and lacks a headphone jack
  • A ton of fun for $50

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