Is it protected to leave butter unrefrigerated? 

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Attempting to widespread cold butter is one of life’s tiny tragedies.

It’s exacerbated by a watchful participation of a splendidly uninformed baguette, or a just-toasted English muffin full with crags and stalagmites. Scrape, scrape, scrape. Sigh.

The interest of room-temperature butter is apparent in these instances, though a doubt remains: Is it ever protected to leave a hang unrefrigerated? We asked a butter experts.

The sum of their answers: Yes, it’s excellent to leave butter unrefrigerated for tiny durations of time, though ideally not longer than a day or two. Refrigeration preserves butter’s best season and extends a shelf life, though room-temperature butter substantially isn’t too large of a health risk.

Refrigerator temperatures revoke a expansion rates of spoilage microbes on butter, says Peter Cassell, press officer for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Lower temperatures and reduction bearing to light also revoke rates of oxidative rancidity, a routine by that oxygen in a atmosphere can emanate a acerbic smell and ambience in oils and fats. For these reasons, a FDA’s Foodsaver discipline suggest butter be stored during room heat for usually a day or two, while it can be refrigerated for adult to dual months. California Dairy also advises tying butter’s storage during room heat to “short durations of time.”


“The longer we leave it out during warmer temperatures, a some-more issues you’ll have with food safety—although there aren’t many food reserve concerns—but some-more so peculiarity concerns,” says Chris Galen, orator for a National Milk Producers Federation. “At around 68 degrees, butter can start to oil off, definition a oil de-emulsifies from a solid. It’s not a reserve emanate though a peculiarity emanate for people who caring about possibly a mouthfeel or demeanour of it.”

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board agrees that concerns about germ or food reserve aren’t a primary reason we should cool butter.

“The ubiquitous combination of butter, an mixture with both a high fat and high salt content, creates it a sincerely inhospitable sourroundings for bacterial growth,” according to Adam Brock, Director of Technical Services during WMMB. “Leaving butter out for a few hours, or a few days, will not outcome in bacterial expansion that would emanate a food reserve issue.”

He adds that pasteurized, pickled butter will final longer than pasteurized, unsalted butter, and that fixation butter in a plate during room heat will delayed a burning process.


Bottom line: Leaving a hang of butter during room heat for a few days won’t mistreat you, though it could means your butter to spoil faster and potentially catch neglected smells from a rest of your kitchen. Best butter practices contend to leave only a volume we wish to widespread during room heat and to use it adult promptly.

All this being said, try not to pass visualisation too cruelly on those who insist on treating their butter differently from you, given butter manners are—like butter itself—kinda squishy.

“There’s not a tough and quick scold answer on this, as with so many other things in life,” National Milk Producers Federation’s Chris Galen says. “There’s some gray area here.”

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