Introducing Offspring

Welcome to Offspring: a site for parents, would-be parents, friends of parents, or childlike souls who usually suffer reading about baby-food consistent techniques or times list hacks (no visualisation here). Offspring is Lifehacker’s repository of wisdom, time-savers, good ideas and talent tricks that will make a caring and feeding of your children—whether they’re infirm bundles, wispy-moustached adolescents, or somewhere in between—not usually easier though indeed kind of enjoyable.

“Why parenting hacks?” we competence ask. Who though a primogenitor is some-more in need of unsentimental suggestions for creation life easier, for removing things finished faster, for easy ways to get your child to brush his teeth though resorting to threats?

To be a primogenitor currently is to be flooded with so most well-meaning advice, opposing pieces of knowledge and fear-mongering pronouncements as to satisfy paralysis. From a commencement by to a sour end, you’re subjected to everyone’s opinion: It’s next 60—your baby should be wearing mittens! You should be nursing that child! Nursing after a month is usually display off! What do we mean, your kindergartener isn’t reading yet? Wait, is your child not trilingual? Someone should tell your youth to trim that absurd moustache, and that someone is me! Everywhere we turn, you’ll find a repremand who thinks “tummy time” is a tract combined by a magnanimous media or that vaccines lead to extreme sass-mouth. Too often, you’re associated to that person.

What You’ll Find on Offspring

Smart, unsentimental ideas for how to make your life a heckuva lot easier. You’ll find a best approach to hold, belch and swaddle a baby, corroborated by science. Off-brand uses for Legos, pacifiers, and clean warmers. Actually useful ways to speak to your kids about matters vast (Why is Jared Kushner?) and tiny (Here’s because we wear deodorant). Essential, no-BS recommendation on how to finish picky eating, overcome stadium bullies and successfully govern The Talk.

What You Won’t Find on Offspring

We oath to underline 0 luminary “baby bump” photos—we swear, we’ll never even use a tenure “baby bump.” There will be no essays about how we should penchant each cuddle, paeans to a spectacle of parenthood, or rants about a horrors of parenthood. Not that these things don’t have their place, though Offspring is really most partial of Lifehacker, that is to contend it’s really most about service, about anticipating a crafty solutions that creates your life easier, some-more efficient, better.



Offspring is primarily being underwritten by Samsung, and while we’re happy to have their support, this fact will in no approach change any of a calm we find on a site. Our editorial group has had and will have no hit with them, and coverage on Offspring, as on Lifehacker, is a particularly editorial affair—what we cover and how we cover it are eccentric of a site’s business relationships.

The site is rudimentary (yup) right now, though over a entrance weeks and months we’re going to rise and grow. We competence go by some ungainly stages, though with your guidance, we’ll be a kind of site we always hoped we’d be. We’re going to make we proud.

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