I Need A Fast Car That Doesn’t Look Fast! What Car Should we Buy?

Mark is an profession who’s looking for a discerning float that can stay underneath a radar. He has a flattering healthy bill and needs something with a bit of practicality. What is a best sleeper he can buy?

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Here is a unfolding –

I need to buy a automobile before a finish of a year for a accumulation of reasons. we adore to expostulate fast, though don’t wish something that looks discerning like a BMW M4 or 911. we need 4 doors and a decent sized case (preferably with behind seats that overlay down) so we can lift stuff. A primer delivery would be elite though not required.

While we can wrench on my cars we only don’t have a time, therefore I’m looking for something new or comparatively new like a approved pre-owned model. we can spend adult to $70,000, so a options are flattering far-reaching open.

Quick Facts:

Budget: adult to $70,000

Daily Driver: Yes

Average Miles Per-Week:

Wants: Speed, stealth, and a backseat

Doesn’t want: Something that everybody knows is fast.

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Trust Me, No One Will Know About This One

Mark, we can know where we are entrance from. You do flattering good for yourself so we wish to buy a good car, though display adult to a courtroom with a Porsche or something is not a summary we wish to send—not to your clients or a judge. Not that we consider there is anything inherently wrong is pushing a adorned car, though some folks wish a fun though a attention.


Few people will demeanour twice during a complicated Cadillac, generally one with a supercharged Corvette V8 underneath a hood. It’s not that Caddy’s sedans aren’t any good—in fact they are unequivocally good and utterly competitive—but a whole “Standard of a World” schtick has prolonged given lapsed in a eyes of your normal chairman and a Caddy is only a good automobile that doesn’t have a badge arrogance of something from Germany. Those people, however, are wrong, though their detriment is your gain.

The Cadillac CTS sits on a lot for approach too prolonged and so gets strike flattering tough in a depreciation. That’s good news for we since that means we can measure a easily used 2016 CTS-V that packs 640 horsepower and can tip out during around 200 mph for good underneath a strange $80,000 plaque price. These beast sedans are brutally quick, nonetheless unequivocally comfortable. You can even keep a badges on and unequivocally few people would commend it.


Now a downside is that register is flattering slim, so we will have to widespread a net far-reaching and find something like this outward your area.

Expert 2: Patrick George — Are You Bastards Happy Now?

Photo credit Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik

Every time. Every damn time we do a What Car Should You Buy, one of we turkeys fundamentally suggests a Chevrolet SS with a manual. Someone could be after a essential crossover for a teen or an engaging aged lorry or an eco-friendly deputy for their 2001 Toyota Prius, a commentariat chimes in to contend they need an SS instead.

Okay. Fine. Here it is, have your day.

Mark, I’ll be upfront with a argumentative opinion—I don’t adore a SS. we consider it’s heavy, has deceptive steering, sticks we with an aged and unexcited interior and handles like a family sedan that only so happens to have a V8. But I’m in a minority here. People unequivocally puncture a SS, and it’s admittedly a special machine. Maybe I’m wrong.

What we am right about is that this is a ideal automobile for your sleeper-lawyer needs. It’s objectively discerning with a 415 HP V8 and it looks like a Chevrolet Malibu, or maybe an clandestine patrolman car. At any rate, it will move we 0 courtesy solely from people who know what it is, and will be unsentimental for each day use. And yes, Mark, it comes with a stick.

Here’s a used 2015 SS with a primer for only underneath $37,000. That’s a steal, and we can expostulate it like we stole it.

Expert 3: Jason Torchinsky — You Need To Get More Sleeper

Mark, we don’t know you, though if your large maze in life is to blow $70,000 on a automobile that’s discerning though doesn’t demeanour fast, afterwards I’m going to go out on a prong and contend life contingency be treating we flattering damn well. Good for you! That’s since we have to conclude your good happening and name a automobile that’s going to give something behind to a world: this 1971 Chevy Chevelle wagon.


What’s it going to give back? Noise, speed, fun, joy, everything, man, everything! What we described that we need is a sleeper, a unsentimental automobile with dark muscle, and this aged automobile is flattering most a compendium clarification of that.

I wanted to collect something even some-more dramatically aged and slow-looking, though your list of mandate done something like this automobile most some-more reasonable. Just demeanour during it: it’s got a mint Chevy 350 bin engine with a 4-barrel carb, so it’s copiousness quick.

It’s been totally restored, has A/C, a good interior with some-more room than a Tokyo family’s apartment, and looks fantastic; as a wagon, it’s unassuming, though a cover initiation hood with a stripes only hardly suggests that beasts live underneath.


This is what we want; it doesn’t demeanour fast, though certain as ruin is, has some-more room than anything you’re expected to find this side of a load van, and it’s about a third of what we wish to pay!

Don’t be a chump. You know what’s right.

Expert 4: Alex Hevesy – Who Can Argue With A Fast Wagon?

Jason is right. The answer is obvious: get a discerning wagon.

I, however, suggest a Dodge Magnum SRT8. With a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 underneath a hood creation 425 HP, it’s copiousness discerning for all your lawyering needs. It looks like a Dodge Charger hire automobile since that’s accurately what it is. Like a Chevelle suggestion, we can’t disagree with good ol’ American flesh total with all a practicality of a hire wagon.


Used Magnums are unequivocally inexpensive now since no one saw a talent in owning a large banishment V8 powered hire automobile when they were new. They can be had for reduction than $20,000 any day of a week. You can use a additional $50,000 in your bill to compensate for tires that we will fundamentally fragment during courtroom feat burnouts.

This specific Magnum is a pointed shimmer black with china “SRT” wheels. Think of a honour you’ll acquire from clients and a decider when they see we lift adult to a building in a common hire wagon. Little do they know that it hides an indignant V8. You’ll demeanour like Atticus Finch if he was personally a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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