I Need A Commuter That Matches Some Of The Other Weirdos I’ve Got! What Car Should we Buy?

Jason has owned some flattering unique, (some might contend questionable) cars in his lifetime. But now is looking for a plain commuter automobile that has comfort and power, of course, it still has to have some character. What automobile should he buy?

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Here is a scenario:

Recently graduated physician. we am looking to finally reinstate my beater that we have been pushing (I am a fan of a $500 car). Although we don’t unequivocally have a problem with it, tools are super tough to find and it has over 150,000 miles. we wish something that is not common yet flattering affordable — underneath $30k yet would cite underneath $20k.

Currently, we possess a Suzuki Aerio hatchback, a Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 and a Suzuki VStrom 1000. In a past we have owned a PT Cruiser GT (judge me, yet with a theatre 1 Mopar balance and a 5 speed, it could blast high 5s/low 6s to 60 consistently that in 2003 was flattering good), a Passat automobile and while in vital in Europe a BMW M3 sedan (e46) and — a primer Alfa 156 automobile with a 2.4 5 cylinder diesel (black over red leather).

I expostulate a ton and need something quiet, gentle and with a decent volume of space — we am tighten to 6’3. Roads around here are awful, so zero with a oppressive suspension. Heated seats are a contingency given it’s cold frequently and ventilated seats would be nice. we am unusually anti-SUV and overtly would rather travel than expostulate one.

I would adore a manual, yet we also know that will be a high order.

Quick Facts:

Budget: Up to $30,000, yet a cheaper a better

Daily Driver: Yes

Location: North East Ohio

Wants: Comfort, speed, reliability, and rather unique

Doesn’t want: Something too tiny or too boring

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Rally All The Things, Sorta

Jason, as a medicine that needs to dauntless a elements to get to work, we need something that is able and discerning in inauspicious conditions. A Subaru WRX would be ideal yet it’s a bit tiny and not all that gentle for a prolonged commute.

The subsequent best thing would be a Subaru Legacy GT. It comes with a same 250 hp boxer-four interconnected with a six-speed primer from it’s reduction mature hermit yet in a some-more essential package. The good thing about a LGT is it’s a bit of a sleeper, many people usually see some pointless sedan, yet that hood dip means business. Sadly, Subaru stopped caring about creation Legacies that were both turbocharged and manual, so this automobile is a final of a breed.

You will have to widespread a net far-reaching to find a right citation yet here is one good underneath your cost range, yet it does have some miles on it.

Expert 2: Jason Torchinsky – Everyone Shut Up And Let Me Handle This

Now, I’m not observant that we know something about people named Jason with a thing for uncanny cars, yet we know something about people named Jason with a thing for uncanny cars. And, formed on your impressively specific criteria there, I’m happy to contend we consider there’s a ideal uncanny nonetheless serviceable automobile that will accommodate all your needs: a Volvo 262C Bertone.


You know about this thing, right? The Volvo 262C Bertone exists since Henry Ford II once visited a Volvo bureau behind in a 1970s, and brought with him some Lincoln Continental Mark IV coupés to expostulate around in.

The Swedes saw those extraordinary American luxo-land-yachts and thought, shit, we gotta make us some of those motherfjorders. They got a Italian coachbuilder Bertone to assistance them comprehend their low-roof, vinyl-topped dream, and a 262C was born.

The 262C is fundamentally a bulletproof Volvo 200 array coupé with a same V6 as in a DeLorean, a chopped top, and packaged full of all a oppulance crap Volvo could make.


It’s got copiousness of room for your long, prolonged legs, rides comfortably, is quiet, and, being from Sweden, handles cold like a champ.

I found dual options for you: this initial one is flattering most accurately what we want. It’s a 1978 262C with a primer delivery (four speed and an electric overdrive), and we saw on a design of a lurch a switch for exhilarated seats. Somehow, this beauty is usually $3500!

I’m also including a couple to this $17,500 car, that we consider is reduction fascinating for we since it’s an involuntary and I’m not certain if it has exhilarated seats, yet it does have this strange gold-and-black paint scheme:

I feel like it would be depraved not to during slightest make we wakeful of this option. These Volvos have all we want, and vessel and/or buttloads of impression besides.

We’re finished here, right?

Expert 3: Patrick George – Nothing But Respect For My President

Congrats on apropos a doctor, Jason. Doctors are pillars of any community. Respected. Trusted. Important. And yet we have done both good and violent choices in a past, it is vicious now that we lift yourself with an atmosphere of standing and authority.


Your budget’s $30,000? I’m about to save we a shit-ton of income by revelation we to buy this JDM 1991 Nissan President. The President was a long-running line of full-size oppulance limousines in Japan, and now, by a spectacle of America’s byzantine import laws, they can be owned here. For cheap!

For sale during a friends during Japanese Classics, $7,995 will get we 4 doors, leather seats, commanding looks, a TV in a back, exhilarated and massaging seats, a pleasing hood ornament, and maybe best of all, a strong 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine.

Also, it’s flattering most a same thing as a strange Infiniti Q45—except bigger and improved and some-more opulent—so tools will be most easier to source than, say, an Autozam AZ-1.


I consider we merit to invert in a pinnacle comfort and refinement, and for a hair underneath 8 grand, we can’t do improved than this.

Expert 4: Stef Schrader – Dead And Dying Brand Enthusiast

Photo around Autotrader

One of a biggest weirdos we know—in size, strangeness and bent to road-race classical Dodge Darts—drives a Pontiac G8. It’s a large gentle American automobile with lots of room and a pleasing sounding V8. Clearly, it is accurately what we need.


While it is technically from a passed code like your Suzuki, this automobile was a Pontiac chronicle of a Chevrolet SS, so tools shouldn’t be too tough to find. The SS was usually recently retired, and it’s a large American V8, so it should (in theory) endure a apocalypse.

Because America hates fun, not really many of possibly this automobile or a Chevrolet chronicle sold, so your oddball standing will sojourn intact. The primer Chevrolet SS still commands a premium, yet usually in your cost operation is a primer GXP trim of a Pontiac G8.

Here’s a flattering red 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP in Florida on Autotrader for $27,500. It might take some looking around to find one closer to you, yet it would be value it to penetrate into those large comfy exhilarated seats and spasmodic lay down a fat span of elevenses.

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