How to Travel to Cuba Solo Under Trump’s New Regulations

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Since Trump limited transport to Cuba in November, we competence be laboring underneath a arrogance that it’s once again bootleg for U.S. adults to revisit Cuba, though that’s simply not true. The regulations have turn a bit some-more strict, sure, though it’s still probable to go follow in Hemingway’s footsteps, even if you’re going alone.

What Has Changed

In 2014, a Obama administration done it probable to revisit Cuba as prolonged as we fell into one of twelve specific categories (you can review some-more about that here). Basically, we didn’t need to request for a permit beforehand, though we had to be means to infer we indeed belonged in one of those categories. The many renouned of a categories was what’s famous as “people-to-people educational activities” travel, that concerned compulsory “learning experiences” any day, possibly in a organisation or on your own. we visited Cuba in Aug of final year with a organisation debate that met these requirements. (It was fantastic!)

On Nov 9, 2017, a Trump administration altered those regulations for U.S. adults roving to Cuba and sealed a loophole. Now, we can usually do people-to-people transport in a organisation with a designated beam who can report all of a educational activities. Solo transport underneath a people-to-people difficulty is no longer allowed, according to OFAC guidelines. So what’s an adventurer to do?

How to Travel to Cuba Solo

If people-to-people transport is off limits, we need to find another difficulty that can get we in. Enter a “support for a Cuban people” category, that involves “individuals and non-governmental organizations that foster eccentric activity to strengthen polite multitude in Cuba.” According to Janet Moore, a owners of Distant Horizons, a association that helps tons of travelers get to Cuba, that difficulty has copiousness of shake room underneath OFAC rules.


For this to work, we need to have a full-time report designed out (no relaxing during a beach), and all of your activities contingency “result in suggestive interactions with people in Cuba,” though it’s technically legal. Moore tells a Los Angeles Times that we can accommodate a mandate for “support for a Cuban people” simply by regulating private services they are offering, contracting guides and experts to lead we on walking tours, listening to lectures, saying a private low-pitched group, dining during a private restaurant, and employing secretly protected drivers to get we around. You can also make your outing munificent by bringing gifts like medicine, hygiene products, and sporting apparatus (they adore baseball)—then giving those things out wherever we go.

But here’s a tough part: it’s really critical we keep good annals of your schedule, reason onto all of your receipts, and be means to yield some justification that we indeed did a things on your outing that we pronounced we would. On tip of that, we need to reason onto those annals for during slightest 5 years in box we need to answer any questions down a road. It creates roving to Cuba alone difficult, though during slightest it’s possible, if a small unsure for a disorganized.

Or Just Sign Up for a Tour

If holding shortcoming for a entirety your outing and gripping consummate annals doesn’t sound like something you’re adult for, we competence be improved off fasten a guided debate group. Organizations like these can get we there legally and safely:

  • Distant Horizons
  • Cuba Travel Adventures Group
  • Cuba Educational Travel
  • Center for Cuban Studies

You can also check out a packages that several journey lines offer. With all of these options, any time we spend in Cuba will exclusively be with a guided tour, though it’s improved than nothing.

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