How to Transition Your Kids Back to School as Co-Parents 

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When you’re divorced, a new propagandize year for your kids means a lot of communication with your ex, and that may, in a word, suck. But as one mom who’s been there writes, there’s a principal order of parenthood and that is: It’s tough and not unequivocally about you.

Get out those Trapper Keepers and whet your No. 2 pencils—it’s Back-to-School Week! Going distant over a classroom, Lifehacker is bringing we talent tricks and ideas on how to start routines, brush adult on aged skills or learn something new this fall.


Your children need a village of adults who are on their team, assisting them learn and grow and thrive. The transition behind to propagandize is an critical time to set adult systems and routines, lay out expectations for any member of a family, and settle a clarity of predictability.

While any conditions will demeanour different, here are some ways to make back-to-school transitions smoother as co-parents.

Prep a Teachers

To minimize difficulty and disturbed remarks, surprise your children’s teachers of their family situation, ideally before a initial day of school. Provide an overview of their routines—who’ll be dropping them off and picking them adult on that days, and where they’ll be staying any night. Giving teachers this information adult front not usually provides them with some context for any romantic issues that might come up, though it also allows them to devise ahead. Perhaps they’ll ensue with some-more attraction when it comes to those “My Family” projects that can infrequently be unpleasant for kids of divorce.

Set Your Own Boundaries

You and your ex should should aim to mount as a joined front as co-parents, though usually we know what we can handle. Ask for what we need. Many teachers are happy to report dual apart parent-teacher conferences if a corner assembly would be too uncomfortable.


After author Erin Silver got divorced, she felt “stumped and upset” when her children’s propagandize asked her to send in a family photo. On HuffPost, she common her thoughts and a resolution that worked for her.

Should we send in an aged family print from when my ex-husband and we were married? Should we send in dual apart photos, one of a kids with their father and his partner, and one of a kids and me with mine? we finished adult doing what felt many gentle and healthy for me: we sent in one of my boys with their father and one of a boys with me. we disturbed my son would be dissapoint to have dual photos while everybody else in his category had one family photo, though he was indeed happy to have everybody in his family represented.

Sync Up Your Routines

While no dual homes are a same, we and your ex can settle some elementary morning and after-school routines so your kids’ lives have a predicted rhythm. Homework, dishes and bedtime are a 3 large areas to discuss. Decide on your rules: No personification outward until after task is done? Everyone sits together and cooking during a cooking table? No TV on weeknights? If we can set adult flattering identical discipline during both houses, your kids will know what’s approaching and will be reduction expected to try to discount by regulating a claim, “At Dad’s, we do this …

Share a Calendar

For both parents, we need one online calendar to share info about scholarship plan deadlines, volleyball practice, and when a income is due for propagandize pictures. Google Calendar works good for this.

Older kids can perspective a common calendar, though younger children will need something some-more tactile. This customizable control calendar from Mighty + Bright (pictured above) lets kids see that primogenitor they’ll be with on any day of a week. The elementary visible assist helps put a child’s life in context, vouchsafing them know what’s entrance subsequent and shortening their anxiety.

Use Technology to Keep Everything Together

Co-parenting-focused apps such as 2houses, Alimentor and Our Family Wizard assistance we lane losses (for all from back-to-school reserve to health insurance), conduct justice dates, classify medical records, switch weekends on a calendar, and more.


While it all might seem strenuous during first, these back-to-school transitions will turn easier over a years as we and your co-parent find routines that work for everyone.

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