How to Tell Off a Selfish Bloodsucker in Your Life

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You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This recommendation isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and competence even be a tiny bitter. Welcome to Tough Love.

This week we have a male who’s disturbed his crony is crushin’ on him, someone who needs to mangle ties with an intensely greedy “friend” once and for all, and a male who is sceptical of his successful coworker.

Keep in mind, I’m not a therapist or any other kind of health professional—just a male who’s peaceful to tell it like it is. we simply wish to give we a collection we need to heighten your damn lives. If for whatever reason we don’t like my advice, feel giveaway to record a grave censure here. Now then, let’s get on with it.

This Guy Wants to Keep His Ex in a “Friend Zone”

Hi Mr. Allan,

This lady we antiquated for 5 months in high school, about 3 years ago, is intensely unrelenting on being friends. we like being friends with her, though infrequently she is a bit too clingy, roughly as if she wants to get behind together. This, however, is something we do not want. She keeps pursuit me her “best friend,” and infrequently has tiny pet names for me, and it is a tiny uncomfortable. She even told me that she wants to be a initial one to know if we get a girlfriend. we am a flattering plain-spoken chairman if we have to be, and could tell her what’s what, and have her find a crony in someone else, though we live in a tiny city and we run into her all a time. It would be good if she could stay my friend, though also have boundaries. To make things some-more complex, she is flattering decent friends with my siblings, whom we still pronounce to on a unchanging basis.

I theory my categorical doubt is how do we stay friends with her though creation her consider we wish to get behind together? If that isn’t possible, how do we dump her though her descending into a fit of depression? we am one of her customarily tighten friends.

Much appreciated,

Hands Off

Hey Hands Off:



It seems like she still has some slow feelings for you, yes. That said, it’s tough to contend if she’s as wakeful of them as we seem to be. There’s a good possibility she’s customarily unknowingly slipping behind into her aged slight with you. Before we do or contend anything, Hands Off, check yourself. Your dick is not magic, and your viewpoint on this conditions is not a customarily one. You competence actually customarily be deliberate a good crony in her mind. Just since she’s gentle with we doesn’t meant she has a tabernacle of we in her closet done out of gum.

You can simply stay friends with her though sharpened adult a “let’s get behind together” flare, Hands Off. Just don’t make any moves that advise we wish to get behind together. You know, things like dates, regretful walks, kissing, sex, pity a singular spaghetti noodle, etc. If she ever tries to make a move, tell it to her straight. Say something like, “Look, we unequivocally like we as a friend, though we don’t consider removing behind together is a good idea.” If she can’t understanding with it, that’s on her. You’re not obliged for her happiness.

But we feel worried now, and we wish to give her a poke in a other direction. Fine. When we hang out, pronounce to her a same proceed we pronounce to your male friends. You know, things like trucks and porn and video games and MMA (that’s what guys pronounce about right?) Whatever feelings of captivate she once had for your sorcery dick will be left forever.

This Person Is Being Drained by a Very Selfish Friend

Hello Patrick,

A few months back, we was in a dim place: Hated my job, many of my family, life in ubiquitous really. we had deliberate self-murder and, not prolonged after removing a idea, perceived a call from a crony of mine. Now, bad timing or no, this crony has always been an conceited man, customarily unequivocally pursuit to pronounce about himself or ask for something. It was an peculiar friendship, one that customarily concerned me humoring him on a phone while he talked about himself and his problems for hours during a time.

Still, he always called me one of his “best friends,” so when he finally got around to seeking how we was feeling, we told him. The anxiety, a depression, a dim thoughts, all we could get in before he started exhaustively articulate again. “Oh really?” was his accurate response, followed by him slicing me off and articulate about himself again for a residue of a call.

I know that we put him on a spot, though his initial reaction, joined with a fact that he went behind to not pursuit or texting again for weeks during a time, creates me doubt how to mangle off a loyalty for good. It was something we had deliberate prolonged before this accurate conditions occurred, but, customarily when we suspicion we would finally deposit apart, he would send another content or give me a call and we’d be right behind to block one again.

It customarily feels like he is adding to these feelings of stress and he could caring reduction about me to boot. we attempted articulate with him about his greedy opinion some time ago, before this conditions we mentioned earlier, and he done a guarantee to change, though indeed doing so.

Should we confront him about it again in an try to mangle this loyalty off for good, or wish to be means to “ghost” him instead by silence? we know it’s not a best option, though he’s not withdrawal me many…


Egos Abound

Hey Egos Abound:


Please do not dedicate suicide. Suicide leaves behind a arise of pang and unhappiness for people in ways we can't truly fathom. There are other ways to lessen your pain. Do not demur to call a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during 1-800-273-8255, or pronounce with a therapist. It helps. It unequivocally does.

Anyway, Eggos (I altered it ‘cause it amuses me), we can contend with 0 doubt in my mind that this male is not your friend. He is a vampire. He shows adult customarily when he’s hungry, rushes by a pleasantries, afterwards drains we of life while he complains about a damn sun. He sucks (yup). In fact, this free-loader we call a “friend” creates me so fucking angry, we wish we could examine him off of your neck myself and slice his fangs out.


Now Eggos, what do we do with vampires? That’s right: we force a interest by their conceited hearts. So that’s what you’re going to do with this beast as well, solely verbally (do not gash this chairman please). You need to tell him something like this:

“[shitty friend’s name], we need to tell we something. I’ve always been peaceful to discuss with we about your problems and offer any assistance we can, though when we told we we was struggling, and even deliberation suicide, we weren’t there for me during all. You didn’t contend anything, and afterwards we blew me off, going behind to articulate about your problems again. In fact, you’ve never unequivocally been there for me. You’re selfish. Friends are ostensible to assistance and alleviate a blows life deals, though we do a opposite. we don’t consider we should pronounce anymore.”

If you’re a nice form and not adult for that kind of honesty, afterwards spook him, Eggos. Ghost that mermaid hard. Block him out completely, and go be with your genuine friends who do caring about we and don’t vant to sawck we blahd. You don’t need that kind of disastrous change in your life.

This Guy Needs to Focus on His Own Work

Hi Patrick,

Need some assistance kindly revelation someone that they customarily aren’t unequivocally good during their job. There’s a male during work who is insufferably unapproachable of his work—he’s constantly blasting out his chest and patting himself on a back. The problem is, zero he produces is unequivocally novel… we meant his customary slight is to take OTHER peoples’ work, repackage it, and afterwards benefaction it with customarily cosmetic, extraneous adjustments to it. It seems like he’s got roughly everybody fooled and truthfully it angers me. BUT he seems like a flattering good male (we’re not friends) and we don’t wish to harm his feelings. Is there a tactful, pointed proceed to give him constructive critique on his approach? Essentially, how do we tell someone that he’s a penetrate though being a dick?


Green ‘n’ Mean

Hey Green ‘n’ Mean:


I have one unequivocally critical doubt for you: Are we this person’s trainer or in any proceed their superior? If not, you don’t get to contend anything. At all. Shut adult and do your job. Stop angry about how this male is circumference we out during work and do your pursuit better.

Honestly, this male you’re bitching about sounds like a genius. He’s holding ideas that are rather decent though flawed, afterwards reiterating them in a proceed that sells. we mean, that’s what many truly successful ideas are, Green. They’re not novel, out-of-the-blue epiphanies that customarily take off a impulse they’re conceived. They’re aged ideas that need to be reworked until all is customarily right.

If he’s hidden your work, siphon it adult and pronounce to him about it. Tell him that he’s regulating your suspicion and that you’d during slightest like to get credit for it, or be a partial of a project. Otherwise, keep your criticisms to yourself and concentration on improving your possess work. Maybe even learn from this guy. This “he’s got everybody fooled though me” angle unequivocally customarily comes opposite like you’re sceptical and would rather hit him down afterwards arise adult yourself.

No Quickies this week! If we have some brief questions we wish answered, let me know in a comments subsequent or twitter during me with #ToughLove!

That’s it for this week, though we still have copiousness of blunt, honest recommendation bottled adult inside. Tell me, what’s discouraging you? Is work removing we down? Are we carrying problems with a crony or a coworker? Is your adore life going by a severe patch? Do we customarily feel mislaid in life, like we have no direction? Tell me, and maybe we can help. we substantially won’t make we feel all comfortable and hairy inside, though infrequently what we need is some tough love. Ask divided in a comments below, or email me during a residence we see during a bottom of a page (please embody “ADVICE” in a theme line). ‘Til subsequent time, figure things out for yourself.

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