How to Talk to Young Kids About Sex

Illustration by Angelica Alzona.

“If we uhh, have any questions about… we know, sex, um, we can ask me.”

That was my chronicle of “The Talk”—one awkward, stuttered judgment from my mom when we was twelve years old. we indeed did have a lot of questions, though we could see how worried and broke my mom was, and we knew that she unequivocally didn’t want me to ask anything. we remember thinking, “Why is Mom being so weird? Why can’t we only speak like normal?”

That one, ungainly knowledge is indeed what desirous me to turn a sex therapist in a initial place. we wanted to assistance other people have a kinds of conversations about sex that my relatives weren’t prepared or means to have when we was young.

Don’t follow my parents’ example! You can—and should—have many some-more ominous conversations with your kids about sex. We’ll be covering articulate about sex with teenagers in a entrance weeks, though in a meantime, let’s start with carrying The Talk with immature kids.

Start Early

Like my mom, many relatives wait distant too late to start carrying conversations about sex with their children. By a time my mom talked to me about sex, we already knew approach some-more than she realized.



You can start articulate to your kids about sex as shortly as they’re means to reason a brief conversation. Parenting has a flattering good relapse of a specific topics kids can hoop in opposite age groups. For example, kids as immature as dual can be taught a correct names for their genitals. Around a age of 3 or four, we can start giving elementary descriptions of where babies come from. At 5 or six, we can turn adult to how babies are made.

Ironically, it’s reduction annoying to speak to a two-year aged about sex than it is to speak to a teenager. If we get started early, you’ll feel like an aged pro by a time your child starts seeking a tough questions.

Follow Their Lead

When your children are young, we can mostly follow their lead when it comes to articulate about sex. Kids are naturally curious, and will mostly blurt out questions though thinking. I’ll never forget a time we was babysitting a six-year-old girl, and she asked me, “What’s a furgina?”

You don’t need speak about STIs or pregnancy impediment only yet, so hang with responding a questions that naturally come to mind for your kid. Your evident greeting competence be branch beet red (especially if they ask a doubt in a center of a grocery store—loudly), though make certain to answer them. This sends your child a critical summary that it’s OK to ask and speak about sex.

Be Informative

Answer your child’s questions about sex simply and straightforwardly. You don’t have to go into a ton of fact with younger kids, though we can still give them accurate information. If your son points to his genitals and asks “What’s that?” tell him it’s his penis. No need to come adult with stupid names or euphemisms.



If your 8-year-old asks how babies are made, don’t speak about storks; tell them that a male puts his penis inside of a woman’s vagina, and a spermatazoa from his physique and an egg from her physique emanate a baby. These forms of responses assistance your child know that sex is normal, natural, and zero to be ashamed of.

Make certain to finish with, “Does that answer your question?” or “Do we have any other questions?” When a speak is over, contend something like, “I’m blissful we asked me that. We can speak about this any time we want.”

Be Active

Aside from responding questions, we can also find ways to work sex into conversations. If we have a profound crony or family member, when we and your child are in private, tell them, “Today we schooled that Sarah is going to have a baby. we wish to tell we how babies are made.”


You competence also review age-appropriate books together, like It’s Not a Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends (for ages 4 to eight) or It’s So Amazing!: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (for ages 7 to 12). Read by them together, and ask your child if they have any questions.

Teach Healthy Boundaries

It’s critical for kids to know that their physique is their own, and that they get to make decisions about what to do with it. Don’t force them to cuddle or lick people when they don’t wish to. Tell them that no one should ever hold their physique though their permission, solely for their relatives and a doctor.

Talking about bounds is also a good approach to forestall yourself from inadvertently degrading your kid. Get prepared for an worried sentence: Children masturbate. They don’t consider of what they’re doing as something sexual; they only consider they’re doing something that feels good. Don’t contrition them for these healthy behaviors; instead, concentration on a boundaries. If we locate your child masturbating in public, take a low breath, smile, and cheerily contend something like, “I know that feels good, though that’s something that we do in private, OK?”

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Talking about sex is hard! You are not always going to get it right, and that’s OK!

Your child is going to locate we off ensure with questions like, “Why do we have hair down there?” and “Do we like Dad’s penis?” If they ever ask a doubt that you’re not certain how to answer, contend something like, “You know what, that’s a unequivocally good question. Can we consider about it and give we an answer in a small bit?” (Of course, make certain we eventually get behind to them.)

You’re substantially also going to have moments where we snap during your child for things like pulling off their garments or seeking questions during inapt times. Give yourself a impulse to cold off, afterwards come behind and apologize. Talk about sex in your reparation too. For example, “I’m contemptible we yelled during we for seeking me about butts in front of Mrs. Jacobs. we got broke and done a mistake. we wish we to know it’s OK to ask me about butts when we’re during a house.” Even immature children know apologies.



You’re going to make mistakes, though as prolonged as we keep creation a unchanging bid to promulgate clearly, your kids will get a summary that sex is normal and healthy and something that it’s not wrong or annoying to speak about.

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