How to Take Selfies That Don’t Look Like Selfies

A selfie underneath a cherry blossoms in Japan.

As a solo traveler, it’s severe to constraint my adventures: we wish to embody myself in a design and I’m not about to use a comically prolonged selfie stick. we also frequency feel gentle handing my camera or phone to strangers. But that doesn’t meant I’m about to skip out on amicable media-worthy moments. Instead, we re-imagined how we took selfies.

It’s not immediately obvious, though a satisfactory series of a cinema on my Instagram were prisoner when we was by myself. Here’s me during a Eiffel Tower.

Right before holding this design we had abandoned a large peddlers that had attempted to sell me inexpensive selfie sticks and cosmetic replicas of a Eiffel Tower, and walked by gaggles of tourists that snapped selfies with a selfie sticks that they had presumably bought from pronounced peddlers.



Instead of selfie sticks, we use dual kinds of JOBY GorillaPod tripods (a large one and a tiny one) and a self-timers on my camera or iPhone. we mix those with a tiny MacGuyver-like skill and patience. You need patience; setup mostly takes time and there is hearing and blunder involved.

The GorillaPods are light and compress adequate to transport with me. You could set them down on a belligerent as we would any tripod; though what creates these tripods so essential in my selfie-taking arsenal is that their legs can simply hook and turn in ways that let me play with a angle of a camera and enhance a series of objects to that we can insert a tripod.

To take a design during Eiffel Tower, for example, we found a tiny brush with a hideaway blockade nearby. we used a smaller GorillaPod, threaded dual of a legs by a fence, and wrapped a legs around it to reason my camera on something that wasn’t a ground. Getting a GorillaPod to stay can take a bit of time and consistent rejiggering. I’ve had success with tree branches, handrails, park benches, playgrounds, and, for a design below, a camping lantern:

Pretty many anything can reason a bendable tripod. Sometimes it only won’t work out and we have to find something else—that’s okay. Obviously, if we don’t consider that a GorillaPod setup will reason your camera steady, don’t risk it. No series of Instagram likes can ever rinse divided a tainted tears over a damaged 700-dollar camera.


Once a tripod is set up, we use a iPhone’s front-facing camera (or if we use a behind camera or my Canon PowerShot G7X, we take a few exam pictures) to see how a design would demeanour and note where we have to stand. In sequence to set a bearing for when we pierce into a picture, we concentration on something nearby where I’d be and use a iPhone’s Auto Exposure/Auto Focus (AE/AF) close feature. You can activate this by drumming on a shade and holding it until a AE/AF box appears. You can afterwards adjust bearing by boring your finger adult or down.

Then let a self-timer start, run into frame, and act casual.

In many cases, we like to only place a tripod on a belligerent and indicate a camera adult a bit to get neat shots like this:

Or we column it on a list or chair and indicate it somewhat downward to get shots like this:

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