How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Plus Battery Without Apple’s Help


If you’re still regulating an iPhone 6 Plus, chances are your battery life is flattering terrible. The lithium batteries that energy roughly all a record wear down over time, withdrawal many people with 3 options: reinstate a battery, buy a new device, or suffer.

Apple’s Offering Cheap iPhone Battery Replacements

The good news is that Apple is charity ignored iPhone battery replacements this year for customarily $29—sure, it competence be since of some bad PR, though it’s still good for anyone with an aged phone. The bad news, however, is that if have an iPhone 6 Plus you’ll have to wait a few additional months for your new battery.

MacRumors reports that Apple won’t have any iPhone 6 Plus batteries in batch until late Mar or early April. The news comes from a leaked inner document, though it’s also upheld by several iPhone owners who were told a same thing by Apple.

If we can wait a small longer that’s fine, though if you’re feeling desirous (or your iPhone battery can’t reason on that long) we have other options.

Replace Your iPhone Battery On Your Own

Apple doesn’t accurately make it easy to tinker around inside a devices, though it’s not impossible. iFixit has a good beam to replacing a iPhone 6 Plus battery, that it says is customarily tolerably formidable and should take about 15-45 minutes.

You’ll need a new battery (of course), that we can buy from iFixit for $25, along with glue strips ($4) and a connector joint ($10). You’ll also need a few simple tools, and a special pentalobe screwdriver compulsory to open Apple products.


The tangible correct routine involves meddling off a arrangement with a suction crater and delicately stealing a aged battery so we can barter in a new one. Just make certain we energy a device down to 25% or reduction before we start, or we could means a glow and harm yourself.

If we don’t have any collection on hand, we competence wish to cruise an all-in-one deputy kit. This one from Yontex includes a battery, pentalobe screwdriver, glue and more. All for customarily $26.

Can’t Someone Else Do It?

If we don’t wish to wait for Apple and we also don’t wish to reinstate a battery yourself, we still have options. There are tons of third-party services that will reinstate your iPhone battery for a decent cost (usually around $50-$80, according to CNET).


One renouned choice is iCracked, that offers rapid on-site repairs. They also correct burst screens and buy used devices. You can check here to see if they work in your area.

If not, do some discerning Googling to see if there any other internal smartphone correct shops nearby. Chances are there’s a business in your area that can reinstate your iPhone 6 Plus battery some-more fast than Apple, and for a decent price.

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