How to Raise Boys and Girls to Reject Sexist Stereotypes

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I knew even before we had a daughter that we was going to lift her to giggle in a face of sexist stereotypes, to be whoever she wanted to be and to do her partial in gripping a universe protected for others to do a same. And afterwards we got a ultrasound and it incited out we was carrying a boy.

But fighting sexist attitudes isn’t usually a lady thing: it’s something we all have to do to make a universe a good place to live. This square from a New York Times is a mini instruction primer on how to do that. It’s generally critical for boys to equivocate building an diseased obsession to a energy and payoff that can come with a domain of being a dude. But as prolonged as that energy structure is in place, guys are in an generally good position to learn or meddle when their man friends are about to do something cruel, stupid, or inadvertently biased.

Here are some of a tips that competence be reduction obvious:


  • Let him be himself. You can’t totally strengthen your kids from stereotypes, so this is a two-parter. Don’t pin him into stereotypes, though do pronounce about a stereotypes that land into his life. (There’s usually girls in this dollhouse commercial, how weird.)
  • Teach him to take caring of himself. The man who expects his mom or mother to do all a housework is so 1950. And a man who pitches in, though lets a lady keep lane of what needs to be done, is creation some-more work for her.
  • Teach ‘no means no.’ This one is easy to start young: never torment a child who communicates that they don’t wish to be tickled. Extrapolate from there.
  • Help him know that it’s his pursuit to pronounce up. Teach him to be a chairman who intervenes when somebody on a stadium is badgering another kid. Teaching your child this one ability is going to make life a lot improved for him and for everybody around him.

The flip side of any of these points is to learn girls a same things, while being aware of your message. For example, it’s not anti-feminist to learn your daughter to do housework or let her play with fondle kitchens. The problem is when only girls get those lessons. Likewise, it’s excellent for a lady to wear a princess dress, as prolonged as we make it easy for her to select a dinosaur dress instead if that’s what she wants.

I finally did finish adult with a girl, and infrequently we notice that we let her do something that we didn’t let her brothers do (pick out pinkish shoes, for example). But we try. All my kids know about a no tickling rule. All my kids are training to do and will eventually approach some of a housework. (I cannot wait until they’re aged adequate to devise and prepare dinner.) It takes some unwavering bid to lift kids but a damaging stereotypes that are all around us. But when we do, we’re creation a children’s universe better, one tiny chairman during a time.

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