How to Pay Off Student Loan Debt While Still Saving and Investing

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This week’s doubt comes from we never remember my burner name, yet it’s one that’s asked frequently:

How to prioritize profitable off tyro debt while also perplexing to save invest?

This is what particular experts have to say* generally about an emanate that affects any chairman differently—if we wish personalized recommendation we should see a financial planner.

Focus on One Goal during a Time

Balancing debt and investing can be tricky. You should concentration on things in this sequence to make certain we are creation your income work as tough as probable for you:

  1. Always make your debt payments on time: First things first: You should prioritize profitable during slightest a smallest amounts due on your compulsory debt payments on time. Not doing so can lead to penalties, additional interest, and aloft financial charges, in further to ruining your credit score.
  2. Take advantage of your employer-sponsored retirement plan: Check to see if your association offers to compare any commission of your contributions to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k). If it does, and you’re authorised to sign-up for a plan, afterwards we should attend and take advantage of that giveaway money.
  3. Pay off high-cost debt: After stability to make timely check payments and evaluating your eligibility for matched retirement devise contributions, your third thought should be to compensate off high-interest debt (more than 5%). For many people, a many costly [student loan] debt is compared with unsubsidized loans [or credit label debt]. [*Ed note: Steps 1-3 can be finished simultaneously.]
  4. Build your reserve net: After your high-cost debt is gone, we should start building a reserve net comment for financial emergencies. we suggest saving 3 to 6 months of vital expenses, including your monthly housing payments, check payments, utilities, and other repeated monthly bills.
  5. Save for retirement: With your high-cost debt separated and reserve net in place, we are now prepared to deposit for a long-term. By a time we strech 59½ years of age, or when you’re authorised to repel from your 401(k) penalty-free, that 401(k) compare alone might be deficient to support your post-retirement lifestyle. That’s because you’ll wish to start saving for retirement early.

While there’s not most we can do to make your loans disappear overnight, with a right strategy, we can compensate them off most earlier than we suspicion possible, and potentially even save yourself some income along a way.

  • Factor your smallest monthly remuneration into your budget: If you’re formulation to make a scarcely $1,000 loan remuneration any month, you’re expected going to have to cut behind in certain areas that aren’t indispensably must-haves.
  • Use windfalls wisely: You can accelerate your loan boon by putting any additional income we accept via a year, such as a work reward or taxation refund, toward your loans.
  • Consider refinancing: Another approach to accelerate loan boon is to reduce a seductiveness rates on your loans. If we validate to refinance and connect tyro loans, it can reduce your monthly payments or digest your remuneration term, and it will save we income on seductiveness over a prolonged term.

— Nick Holeman, CFP during Betterment 

It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

Don’t get held adult in a thought that it has to be all or zero when we compensate down debt or invest. Take a demeanour during how most you’re putting toward tyro loan debt. What if we reduced that volume by 25% and invested a difference? You’re still putting 75% of your additional remuneration toward shortening tyro loan debt, though now you’re scheming for your destiny as well.

Check with your employer to see if they offer a retirement plan. If there’s a match, be certain to take advantage. Not usually can it assistance we ready for retirement, though a compare is giveaway money. If we have to obstruct a small from your additional tyro loan remuneration to get giveaway income from your employer, do it. It will supplement adult to some-more than we compensate in seductiveness on your tyro loan in a prolonged run.

-Miranda Marquit, Financial Expert during Student Loan Hero

You’re Going to Have to Make a Budget

Create a check that includes monthly debt payments and assets contributions (savings comment and investing). Track spending daily, weekly or monthly. Use any additional income left over towards profitable off debt and contributing to savings.

Create a debt boon devise that includes mainstay headings for a sum debt owed, past due amounts, due date and seductiveness rates for any account. Use an app, program or coop and paper to keep lane of debt payments and set reminders [in your phone, calendar, or planner] to compensate debt and minister to a assets and investment account. Set a aim date to compensate off any debt, and use a debt boon calculator to establish when any debt will be paid off.

Determine that boon process is right for you:

  • Debt Snowball: Start with a smallest check initial and compensate it off. Then supplement a income from that check to a smallest remuneration for a subsequent check (debt snowball method) to compensate debt down faster.
  • Debt Avalanche: Pay off a debt with a top seductiveness first.
  • Minimum Payments Only

Next, compensate for simple necessities first, afterwards compensate reduce priority bills:

  • High Priority: Rent/mortgage, utilities, automobile payment, authorised debt (child support, alimony, taxes)
  • Medium Priority: Insurance, tyro loans, judgments, collection accounts
  • Low Priority: Internet, phone, cable, credit label debt, etc.

Contact a creditor to see if they offer amends programs or negotiate a remuneration plan. Offer a good faith remuneration or a pile sum remuneration to use as traffic to ask that any fees or financial charges be waived.


Regularly minister to a assets and investment account. Automate assets and investing contributions. Save during slightest 1% of your monthly income (the ideal volume is 10% to 20%). It’s good to compensate down debt though we will go behind into debt again if we have no savings.

—Harrine Freeman, CEO/Owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises

Safety Net Pay Down Loans

An puncture comment is a must-have. Building financial confidence is a must, and is a large partial of a equation of profitable down tyro debt vs. saving. While both moves can assistance build your net worth, there’s something to be pronounced for a reserve of glass money in a bank. That’s because building an puncture comment is a must-have before we can go gung-ho on profitable off tyro loans.


When it comes to sovereign tyro loans, we have a lot of options such as income-driven amends or deferment. You won’t have those same protections on other debts or areas of your life, so you’ll need to save your possess financial life raft: your puncture fund.

Shoot to sock divided during slightest one month’s value of losses as an puncture fund, and presumably adult to three. Once that’s taken caring of, we can revisit your financial goals and confirm that thought to concentration on next.

Elyssa Kirkham, Student Loan Expert during Student Loan Hero

*Responses have been easily edited.

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