How to Make Homemade Potato Chips in Your Microwave

Microwave potato chips. Photo by Emily Price/Lifehacker.

Do we unequivocally wish potato chips, though all we have are potatoes? we totally feel you. Sure, we could preheat your oven and start baking (or put on pants and go to a store and buy a bag), though what if we told we that we could have tasty homemade potato chips in only a few mins regulating your microwave? Dreams do come true.

What You’ll Need

  • A potato
  • A rupturing instrument
  • Parchment paper
  • Olive or unfeeling oil
  • A microwave

Start by rupturing adult that potato as thinly as we can. we typically use a side of my cheese grater for this, though if you’re unequivocally good during rupturing skinny slices by hand, have during it.

Lay a potatoes out on a square of vellum paper, and afterwards easily cover any one with some arrange of oil. For this, we can use cooking spray, olive oil, or my possess personal fave: truffle oil (because I’m clearly unequivocally fancy). You’ll also wish to supplement salt and pepper, or whatever seasoning we typically like on your chips. If we ask me, cajun seasoning and garlic salt are killer.

Once you’re finished seasoning (you unequivocally wish to do this pre-cook, not post), cocktail a paper in a x-ray for 5 minutes. You wish a edges of your potatoes to start to brown. Depending on how thick your chip slices are we competence need to supplement or subtract a notation or dual to a prepare time. Keep an eye on them, generally around that 4 notation mark, and lift them out whenever they start to get that particular “chip” look. It’s unequivocally easy for super-thin chips to get too crispy, so be diligent.

Once they’re done, let them lay for a notation to cold down and afterwards lay behind and revelry in your unstoppable kitchen skills.

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