How To Mail Beer Across The Country Like a Pro

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I unequivocally like beer. No, we really like beer. That means I’m constantly on a hunt for beers we can’t get in my stream hometown of San Francisco and attorney deals with buddies to mail me products from opposite a nation in sell for promulgation them a few bottles of internal things from a west coast.

Over a march of a past decade, I’ve substantially mailed 100 boxes of drink to myself (sometimes postage is cheaper than checking a bag or anticipating room in my container on a trip) or to friends around a United States. Of all those shipments, I’ve usually had one mishap: a dejected can that managed to solemnly raze and soak a box. Luckily for me, and a target of a box that happened to be a crony of mine, a beer-soaked box was still delivered, nonetheless a few weeks after than designed (my theory being so it could dry and still, we know, be a box). In contrast, I’ve had a series of boxes sent to me with damaged drink (the saddest thing in a world) inside.

Through all those packages I’ve come adult with a few tips for success.

Line Your Box With a Garbage Bag

Accidents happen. What we don’t wish to occur is for a tiny collision like a dejected can or damaged bottle to soak your box, means it to break, and outcome in a whole box of mislaid items. For that, we suggest backing your box initial (just as if we were putting it in a rubbish can) with a cosmetic rubbish bag. Sure, it’s not unstoppable, though it gives we an additional line of invulnerability in box a misfortune happens. Also, a cosmetic bag means that if a box does get dripping it will be harder for particular bottles to tumble out.


Some drink trade summary play also suggest regulating a smaller box inside a box when we mail beer. I’ve never attempted that privately (or had it finished with drink sent to me), though if we occur to have dual similarly-sized boxes available, it wouldn’t be a misfortune idea.

Line The Sides of Your Box With Bubble Wrap

Since we do this a lot, we have a TON of burble hang straightforwardly accessible in my house. If we don’t, afterwards regulating crumpled adult journal or make-up peanuts can have a same effect. The idea is to have a line of invulnerability around a sides and bottom and tip of your box. This box is absolutely going to get tossed around. Don’t let your drink be right adult opposite a sides.

Wrap Individual Bottles With Bubble Wrap or Newspaper

Of a few dozen damaged packages I’ve gotten over time, a infancy of them happened since someone didn’t hang any bottle in a own. DO NOT only put a 6 container in a box and mail it to someone. It will break. The chairman we sent it to will hatred you. The mailman will hatred you. It’s a rubbish of good beer. Don’t be that guy.

Sad damaged bottle that was wrapped feeble (Photo: Emily Price)

The place where bottles are going to mangle is during a neck. Wrap a heck out of it (and a whole bottle). The best approach to do this is with (a lot of) burble hang cumulative with a rubber band. If we don’t have burble wrap, afterwards we need something that’s going to keep a neck of a bottle protected. Think to yourself: “If we forsaken this on a floor, would it break?” If a answer is approbation or maybe, afterwards we need to hang it better. Seriously.


If I’m mailing 12oz bottles we infrequently container them in freezer bags as well. It doubles adult a H2O protection, and we can force a lot of journal in a bag as an additional covering of protection.

There’s so many burble hang we can’t see this tag (Photo: Emily Price)

If you’re unequivocally fancy, we can buy these sleeves done for booze that will keep particular bottles secure. There are also a lot of styrofoam setups for mailing wine. They’re a bit pricey IMO for a one-time shipment, though if you’re trade frequently with a same crony afterwards they could be a good investment and something we could use over and over again to send behind and forth.

Keep it Tight

When we sign a box up, we wish to make certain zero is relocating inside. When stacking bottles we suggest going tip to bottom. So a tip of one bottle is subsequent to a bottom of another and make-up them on their side, not adult and down. Ideally, we wish to have an additional covering of insurance (not only a burble hang surrounding a bottles) between any bottle.

The beginnings of a successful box (Photo: Emily Price)

That destitute can occurrence we mentioned earlier? It came from me meditative “Oh, a can won’t break” and putting it subsequent to a bottle that dejected it mid-journey. Don’t be me. Before we sign a top, give a box a small shake and make certain there’s no movement. If there is, things some some-more burble wrap/newspaper in there. Protect those cans only like bottles, and consider about situations where they competence get crushed.

Tape Every Part of a Box

Beer is heavy. It’s best to only assume that your box isn’t going to make it and strengthen it with tape. I’m not observant cover a box with tape, though make certain to strengthen a seals during a tip and bottom of a box with fasten in box a glue gives out while it’s being tossed around.

Don’t Mail Beer in a Summer

Heat is bad news for drink and a summer is hot. At some indicate of your box’s tour (or many of it), it’s going to be sitting in a prohibited room or on a prohibited truck… or on your prohibited porch. That’s going to harm your beer. Save your drink trade for autumn and winter when a temperatures are cool, your drink and a target will conclude it.

Know a Rules

USPS doesn’t concede we to mail alcohol. USPS prosaic rate boxes are flattering great, and let we mail anything we can fit in a box opposite a nation in dual days for not a ton of cash. we will let we use that information how you’d like.


Here’s a outline on what we need to do to mail ethanol regulating normal shipping services. Inform yourself before we uncover adult with a box, not after.

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