How to Follow Donald Trump’s Tweets Without Following Donald Trump

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“It is expected that for a rest of my life we will not go a singular day though meditative about Donald Trump during slightest once, that is terrifying,” Demos Action process researcher Sean McElwee tweeted final December. Maybe some day we’ll endure a thoughts of Trump, though for now he’s unfit to escape. And given his slant for news-making tweets, it can even feel required to follow a personal Twitter comment of complicated America’s fastest-hated president. But there are ways to follow a tweets though following @RealDonaldTrump.

Get Trump’s Tweets Immediately

If we usually don’t wish to supplement to Trump’s supporter count or uncover adult in his “Followers we follow” section, follow IRetweetTrump instead. This comment automatically retweets each Trump tweet—including his retweets, that competence demeanour a bit treacherous in your timeline. It doesn’t extend we many distance, though it’s a fastest proceed to see each Trump tweet.

See Trump’s Tweets Without His Face

Real Press Sec. automatically reformats each Trump twitter as an central presidential statement. (It ignores retweets.) Tweets are behind usually a few minutes, and a content is embedded in an image.

This diagnosis highlights a cove between Trump’s Twitter character and a grave denunciation of central statements (a denunciation frequently adopted on Obama’s Twitter account). It provides some stretch from a evident tweets, and since it doesn’t couple to a original, it removes a enticement to click by and see a poisonous replies.

Imagine a More Presidential Trump

PresidentialTrump quote-tweets a preference of Trump tweets and adds a some-more mature spin. For example, Trump’s twitter after a many new London militant attack—“Do we notice we are not carrying a gun discuss right now? That’s since they used knives and a truck!”—is transposed with a reduction false response:

The comment also gives Trump a clarity of humor:

And it spasmodic addresses issues that a genuine Trump ignores:

PresidentialTrump doesn’t broach each Trump tweet, and tweets are behind by a few mins to a few hours, though it does yield some cathartic stretch though veering into unfunny “parody account” territory. As a account’s creator “Barry” told Select/All in February, “I consider my proceed works since I’m not caustic or biting, instead simply providing a authority for a improved proceed of being statesmanlike, something a lot of Americans wish and design from their President.”

Get Context

The Atlantic’s Donald Trump Tweet Tracker analyzes poignant Trump tweets, observant domestic and chronological context as good as Trump’s grudges and past actions. For example, underneath Trump’s new critique of London mayor Sadiq Khan, a Tweet Tracker describes a “icy relationship” between a dual group and predicts a tweet’s probable consequences for a arriving UK ubiquitous election.



This research adds a poignant delay, though if we cite to get your Trump news once or twice a day, a Tweet Tracker is a good bookmark. (The Washington Post’s RealDonaldContext prolongation for Chrome and Firefox supposing a identical context, though a Post apparently deserted it in February.)

Bathe in a Trump Feed’s Anger and Aggression

The Trump Twitter Archive collects each Trump tweet, classification them by visit Trump keywords like “fake news,” “loser,” and “the worst.” It isn’t cathartic during all, and it’s usually divulgence to those who have delicately avoided reading any Trump tweets for a final few years, though it’s good to know someone’s gripping track.

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