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This week on The Upgrade we spoke with author and imagining instructor Sharon Salzberg.

Sharon Salzberg is one of a people who brought Buddhist imagining and awareness use to a West and into mainstream culture. She co-founded a Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and is a author of 9 books, including a New York Times best seller Real Happiness, her seminal work, Lovingkindness, and her new book, that comes out tomorrow, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection. Sharon assimilated us in a studio to speak about her new book, meditation, love, shame, heartbreak, and compassion.

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This Week’s Discussion

We lonesome a extensive volume of domain during a episode, including:


  • Why a definition of a word “love” has been degraded
  • How adore is a force, not a feeling
  • The disproportion between awareness imagining and lovingkindness meditation
  • The problem of “coming behind to love”
  • Why contrition is an emasculate motivator
  • Where a effects of imagining indeed uncover adult (hint: it’s not during meditation)
  • The tie between a stories we tell ourselves and a knowledge of love
  • Why it’s so tough for us to acquire a possess emotions
  • How practicing lovingkindness helps disintegrate a clarity of “self” and “other”
  • How we can (and because we should) have care for people in a lives who have wronged us

Our Upgrades of a Week

Every week we like to let we in on a upgrades we’ve done in a possess lives. This week we’re articulate about tweaks to a morning hygiene habits, and a estimable deputy for after-work booze.

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