How to Filter Out Steam’s Sexy or Gory Games

Screenshot: David Murphy

All we ever seem to see on a “New and Trending” list in Valve’s Steam use are games we know I’ll never play—including those uncanny voluptuous games, broken-as-hell Early Access games, and other oddities.

Thankfully, there’s a approach to heavily filter a games we see on Steam, though it’s rather buried within Steam’s clunky user interface. Here’s how we do it.

Obviously, you’ll wish to click on that large “your name,” that will be your tangible Steam comment name.
Screenshot: David Murphy

Find a right settings menu

To personalize Steam’s store, you’ll need to initial find a scold Settings menu. Don’t demeanour underneath Steam’s Settings menu (Steam Settings), nor your Profile preferences, nor even a “Your Store” couple on Steam’s primary Store page. Instead, you’ll wish to click on your comment name in a upper-right dilemma of Steam’s UI and click on “Preferences.”


(Note to Valve: It would be good to be means to entrance all of Steam’s options from a single, easy-to-find “Settings” menu, that could embody feed customization. Just saying.)

Remove diversion forms we don’t caring about

If we don’t have a VR headset, no need to see VR content!
Screenshot: David Murphy


Nothing opposite Early Access games—titles that competence be beta-testing or in active development—but there are a lot of them and they can infrequently feel a bit strenuous to perspective in Steam’s Store. And it’s ideally excellent to be a kind of chairman who prefers to know about games when they’re finished, not when they’re being worked on.

Within Steam’s Store Content Preferences, we can name either we wish to see a accumulation of titles in Steam’s store: Early Access games, preorders, software, videos, movies, and VR content. If we aren’t meddlesome in opposite categories—maybe we Netflix all cinema instead of shopping them, for example—just uncheck any difficulty to mislay a compared calm from Steam. You can also elect to censor titles that are excessively bloody or sexy, if one of those isn’t your crater of tea.

Sorry, educational games. Clear a way.
Screenshot: David Murphy


Filter out games by keywords

The “Tags to Filter Out” territory in Steam’s Store Content Preferences is one of a some-more useful features. If there are certain forms of games we have positively no seductiveness in—like “anime” games or “free to play” games—just form in a tag. You usually get 3 tags to filter (sigh), so make them good.

Bonus: Even more calm filters

Again, if we don’t possess a Mac or Linux system, no need to see Mac- or Linux-only games (if such things exist).
Screenshot: David Murphy


As you’ve substantially noticed, a Store Content Preferences menu has a few other tricks adult a sleeve. If we use Steam’s Discovery Queue or New Release Queue to find games that competence seductiveness you, we can adjust a calm that appears in each. Filter titles we wish to see by category—early entrance games, software, videos, and unreleased games—or filter out sold tags we don’t caring about. You can also mislay games by height if we don’t consider you’ll ever play titles on a Mac we don’t possess or a Linux box we have no goal of ever environment up.

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