How to undo your annoying aged Facebook and Twitter posts so they don't come behind to haunt you

Several obvious total have been found to have posted descent comments online in a past, and a same thing could simply occur to you.

Stormzy, Zoella, Josh Rivers and Jack Maynard have all been called out over new weeks, and a cases have highlighted one of amicable media’s biggest pitfalls. 

Many of us have been regulating sites and services like Facebook and Twitter for so prolonged that a present-day values and beliefs competence be unequivocally opposite to those we had when we initial started regulating them.

People mature. We’ve all pronounced things in a past that we’d be frightened about today. Unfortunately, a internet has a nasty robe of preserving all we post online.

As new events show, it’s value putting a time and bid into cleaning adult your online image.

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    Turn on Night Mode

    Twitter’s dim blue Night Mode is a lot easier on your eyes than a regular, colourful theme. On a site, we can capacitate it by clicking your form print (on a right-hand side of a bar during a tip of a screen) and selecting Night Mode.

    On Android and iOS, we need to daub your form design during a tip of a shade and name Night Mode.

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    Lengthen your tweets

    A “small group” of users are no longer limited by Twitter’s 140-character twitter limit. Even if you’re not a selected one, we can double your extent to 280 characters on desktop by downloading a Tampermonkey plugin, going to, clicking Raw and afterwards Install.

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    Improve hunt

    Twitter’s unchanging hunt apparatus can be a small messy, yet Advanced Search creates it many easier for we to find specific things. Go to and filter your hunt by word, hashtag, accurate phrase, location, date and account.

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    Disable examination profits

    Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Twitter’s approach messaging use shows we when your messages have been seen by a chairman we sent them to. You can invalidate examination profits though.

    On Android, iOS and a site, go to Settings and Privacy, click on Privacy and Safety and invalidate examination receipts.

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    Monitor your tweets

    Retweets and Likes usually form partial of a story, as distant as twitter rendezvous is concerned. You can perspective a lot some-more information about how people have reacted to your updates, including a series of times they’ve been seen and a series of times people have interacted with them.

    Just open your tweets and strike a View Tweet Activity button.

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    Trim a fat

    If we feel like you’re drowning in pull notifications, we can cut down a series we accept from Twitter by going to Settings, Notifications, Push Notifications and deselecting a forms of notifications we wouldn’t like to receive.

    You can also capacitate nap settings, that concede we to switch off all mobile updates during certain hours of a day. On a site, go to Settings, Mobile and name your hours.

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    Save information

    You can stop videos from personification automatically on desktop and a Twitter app. On a site, we can do this by going to Settings, Account, Video Tweets and unchecking Video Autoplay.

    On both a Android and iOS versions of a app, go to Settings, General, Data Usage, Video Autoplay, and name between Mobile information Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Only, and Never.

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    Save even some-more information

    You can save even some-more information and totally renovate your timeline in a routine by disabling images. Just go to Settings, Data Usage and uncheck a Image Previews box.

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    Customise your form

    Editing your Twitter form is unequivocally straightforward, usually go to your form and click a vast Edit Profile button. However, there’s one customisation choice that’s easy to miss.

    As good as your name, bio and form photos, we can change your colour scheme. The choice is usually permitted on a Twitter site, and is sandwiched between a Website and Birthday sections.

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    Browse scrupulously

    One of a Twitter app’s many irritating facilities is a in-app browser, that links automatically open adult in. You can scapegoat it for your favourite mobile browser by going to Settings, Display and Sound and unchecking a Use In-App Browser box.

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    Subscribe to tweets

    You can set adult alerts that let we know whenever a certain comment tweets, yet it’s a two-stage process.

    First, on a app, go to Settings, Notifications, Push Notifications, Tweets and spin a toggle symbol on. Then open a form page of a comment we wish to accept notifications from, daub a Bell idol subsequent to a Following symbol and name between All Tweets, Only Live Video and Off.

Twitter’s Advanced Search underline lets we indicate all of your aged tweets for descent or annoying language. It’s perfected work, as we have to hunt for specific difference and phrases, yet it can assistance we find things you’d totally lost about.

As a many some-more extreme measure, we can undo all of your tweets regulating one of a series of services, such as Tweet Deleter, Tweet Delete and Twit Wipe. 

Facebook, meanwhile, is a opposite beast. Everything about it is designed to get we to exhibit as many personal information as possible, including standing updates, messages, cinema and Likes.

As good as modifying your About Me section, we can trawl by all you’ve ever finished on Facebook by visiting your form and clicking Activity Log. There’s an unusual volume of information there, and it would be totally impractical to try to wade by all of it.

A some-more fit pierce is to close your form down by going to Settings and Privacy, and determining who gets to see any of your posts. 

Annoyingly, doing this has no outcome on who’s means to see your past Facebook posts. Instead, on a Privacy page, we have to click on Limit Past Posts, name Limit Old Posts and strike Confirm on a pop-up.

You can make all on your Timeline reduction permitted by going to Settings, Timeline and tagging and modifying any territory we wish to tie up.

Tag Review is also useful, preventing things other people try to tab we in from appearing on your form though your approval. In Settings, go to Timeline and Tagging and capacitate Timeline examination controls.

Once we consider you’ve lonesome your marks on those platforms, it’s time to revisit a amicable networks we no longer use, yet might still be a member of, like Myspace and Bebo.

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