How to Cook Well in an Airbnb Kitchen

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One of a large advantages to staying in an Airbnb instead of a hotel is a kitchen. If we like to cook, being means to do so divided from home can be a good approach to get to know a city’s enlightenment or only save some cash.

On a other hand, lots of Airbnbs, listed as full apartments yet they competence be, are really, unequivocally small. (Omg, Europe, what is going on.) And even if a kitchen isn’t tiny, there are copiousness of variables and surprises that can chuck a wrench into your culinary plans. For a best Airbnb cooking experience, follow this beam from GQ. The gist:


Pick a right rental. Is there a stovetop and an oven? If it’s summer, is there a grill? (If you’ll be cooking inside in comfortable weather, is there atmosphere conditioning? Once we cook, where will everybody lay to eat? Scour a inventory and cinema carefully, and don’t be fearful to email a horde with any questions.

Check with a horde forward of time. Let your horde know you’re formulation on cooking—they competence restock cupboard staples, or they competence let we know a gas has been close off for a month. Or, if there’s a common kitchen that a inventory promises we use of, a heads-up competence be essential to make certain 4 people aren’t all perplexing to use a oven during once. Your horde can also let we know about internal markets and grocery stores.

When you’re there, consider what you’ve got. Once we check in, take a pass by a kitchen. Check a staples and a cookware and demeanour for necessities you’d hatred to learn blank once you’re median by a meal. (Corkscrew, salt, and plate soap are my large three.) Make note of anything we need and collect it adult on your approach behind home after your day’s adventures.


Explore internal markets. This is a good approach to get to know a new city or town, either it’s a grocer shop, outside market, or 4 stands of furnish from circuitously farms. When we confront an part that’s new to you, we can ask how to prepare it here, too.

Shop megastores, too. Especially in a unfamiliar country, there’s copiousness of internal season and flawlessness to be found during a supermarket. (Stock adult on crazy flavors of potato chips, while you’re during it!) You can also save income shopping staples here instead of during little boutiques.

Sometimes, emporium ahead. If we have dietary restrictions, we competence wish to container some gluten-free pasta or whatever you’ll need, in box we can’t find it where you’re going. Whether it’s comfort food we won’t find where you’re going or a essential part for a large plate we have planned, as prolonged as it can withstand a trip, there’s no contrition in bringing it with you.

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