How to Cook Frozen, Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts Without Defrosting Them

Photos by Claire Lower.

Frozen, boneless, skinless duck breasts might not be a sexiest square of beef on a market, though there’s no denying their preference and affordability. Though they miss pizzazz on their own, we can jazz ‘em adult though too many trouble. Honestly, my biggest duck plea was never removing them to ambience good, though remembering to take them out of a freezer a night before we dictated to ready them.

Luckily, there are ways around this. You can make a luscious dish with solidified duck breasts—you customarily have to know how to proceed them, and we have a few strategies we can use to get there.

Strategy #1: Slice It Super Thin

Mmmmm…frozen duck shavings.

Super-chilled beef is super easy to cut. In fact, popping any beef in a freezer for customarily half an hour will make it many easier to get those good skinny slices. If a customarily duck we have on palm is a solidified breast, take advantage of a icy inlet to make a discerning stir fry.


First, you’ll need to give it a integrate of minutes, customarily to let it gentle adequate so your blade doesn’t rebound off of it. Use this splinter of time to cut adult some vegetables and get any other mixture we wish to use collected and ready.

My duck fixin’s

Once a duck is slice-able, go forward and cut it super skinny with a pointy blade or a mandoline. The duck will get utterly sleazy as it defrosts, so wear cut resistant gloves and, if you’re regulating a mandoline, use a guard once we get down to a smaller cube of chicken. Once all is sliced an diced, you’re prepared to cook.

Any stir grill will do, though we like to ready some mushrooms over middle until they start to somewhat brown, afterwards boost a feverishness and toss in a chicken, some onions, and minced ginger. Once a duck is baked through, I’ll supplement a dash or dual of soy sauce, about half a tablespoon of fish sauce, and a bit of rice vinegar. (I suggest adding small splashes of each, tasting, and adjusting as we see fit.) If we wish to get unequivocally saucy, I’ll toss in a splash of beurre maniea pulp finished of equal tools butter and flour by mass—to thicken all up. Once your duck is sauced, offer it over rice, or on a bed of hardly wilted greens. (I used mustard greens since it’s what was vital in my fridge during a moment.)

Strategy #2: Slow Cook it With Other Tasty Stuff

Imagine this scene: we arise up, get prepared for work, and conduct to a kitchen to repair and forget that evening’s meal—only to find we forgot to pierce a duck from a fridge to a freezer. Don’t panic, it indeed doesn’t matter that much; many delayed cooker duck recipes spin out customarily excellent with solidified chicken. In fact, depending on how prolonged we need to stay during work, it might indeed work to your advantage, as a colder duck will widen your cooking time. (A discerning note on food safety: depending on a delayed cooker being used, it is probable solidified duck won’t get adult to a protected heat of 160℉ as fast as it customarily would, definition your dish could spend too many time unresolved out in a 40°F–140°F “danger zone.” If this concerns you, or you’re cooking for people with an towering risk of food-borne illness, we might wish to skip this cooking process and set a sign to unfreeze your chicken.)


Let’s be honest: slow-cooked duck breasts aren’t customarily anything to write home, about generally if we can’t brownish-red them before tossing them into a Crock-Pot, due to their solidified nature. This problem is simply solved by creation a duck play second—or like, fourth—fiddle to other, super luscious ingredients, such as cream cheese. (I always feel like regulating cream cheese in anything is kind of cheating, though if cream cheese is wrong I’ll customarily lay here and be gentle with how wrong we am.)

Like we said, we can technically use solidified duck breast in any slow-cooker recipe, though this is my favorite approach to ready them. In further to 4 duck breasts, we will need:


  • 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 crater of dainty stock
  • 8 ounces of cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of capers, with their brine
  • 3 uninformed basil leaves, one large sprig of oregano, and a integrate stems of parsley, leaves private from stems and chopped finely.
  • 4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • salt and peppers to taste

Cook your mushrooms in a vessel until they get some good tone on them and start to frail adult around a edges—this will minister some good umami and that “browned” season that we’re not removing from a chicken—then scratch them into your delayed cooker, along with their liquid. Throw a rest of your mixture in a pot, and ready on high for 4 hours or low for six, depending on how prohibited your delayed cooker runs. we used my Instant Pot, and my dish was finished in four. Shred a duck with dual forks, stir all together to make a tawny sauce, and offer over pasta, rice, or a bed of vegetables.

I went with pasta.

Top with uninformed basil if we are so inclined.

Strategy #3: Sous Vide (Then Pan Fry) It

You knew we was going to go there. Actually, we can sous vide any solidified meat; we customarily have to boost a volume of time your food spends in a bath. To adjust your cooking time to comment for your wintry cube of chicken, ChefSteps recommends augmenting it by 50%. To get that number, we simply order your strange cooking time by two, afterwards supplement that to your strange cooking time. For example, we customarily ready my duck breasts during 140℉ for an hour and a half (90 minutes). Half of 90 is 45, so my new cooking time is dual hours and fifteen mins (135 minutes).


Once we have a doubt of time answered, we can ready your duck as we routinely would. Boneless, skinless breasts don’t have a lot going on, fat-wise, so make certain we put some oil in there, along with salt, and aromatics such as garlic and herbs. we seasoned cave with salt, afterwards threw in a integrate of pats of butter, along with a clove of chopped garlic and a healthy sprig of rosemary.

Once it had hung out in a small prohibited cylinder for a allotted spell, we indispensable to get a small tone on it. Since there’s no skin on these things, we motionless to give them a discerning dredge in flour, to promote browning and supplement a small texture. we gave a floured square of beef a discerning flare in a pan, and was rewarded with a tender, juicy, and dainty cutlet.

How we wish to offer a luscious duck breast is adult to you, though there are apparently a lot of options. we ate cave accompanied by zero while station during a kitchen counter, though we might wish to be a small some-more courteous and make a side salad or something.

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