How to Clean Animal Bones So That You May Proudly Display Them in Your Home

Photos by Claire Lower

Life is a circuitous highway with many astonishing detours. we never approaching to find myself with a de-faced, solidified pig skull but, after a utterly desirous installment of Will It Sous Vide?, that is accurately what we found myself with.

The many apparent subsequent step was to make a batch but, since I’m a bit of a creep, we motionless to take things a step serve and purify a skull so that we could proudly arrangement it in my creepy small apartment.

Starting materials.

There are many opposite paths we can take when cleaning adult some bones. You can leave them out in a margin (though they might get stolen by male or beast), toss them in a bin of beetles, or delayed prepare them. we didn’t consider a other tenants in my building would conclude a pig skull in a common yard, and we didn’t wish to buy a garland of bugs, so we went with a third option.

You had to know this was coming.

Some sites suggest cleaning skeleton in hot water, yet that can be a small oppressive on your biological treasure, and can lead to fat permeating a bone. we instead opted for a low and delayed cooking method, regulating my—you guessed it—trusty soak circulator. (If we do not have an soak circulator, do not fret; a delayed cooker will work usually as well.)

After 24 hours during 165℉, we was means to lift divided a lot of beef and gristle, including some juicy impertinence beef that had transient my blade during butchering.

This done poetic sandwiches.

I was also means to get a good bit of a mind out by a behind of a skull, regulating a bottle brush and a lot of regulating water. This was a usually partial of a routine that we found truly unpleasant, as a baked mind smelled strongly of iron and death. (I indeed gagged, and we frequency gag.)

A few realistic pieces clung to a skull, however, and a nose cartilage wasn’t utterly soothing adequate to remove, so we put a whole thing behind in a brining bag for another overnight army in a sous-vide bath.

After another 12 hours, we was means to get a final pieces of flesh, junction tissue, brain, and cartilage out and off of a skull. Many teeth also escaped, yet that is to be expected. we usually collected them adult and saved them for a end.


Next, we dripping a skull in a vat of fatty water—Dawn is your best choice—to degrease it and get it prepared for bleaching.

This resulted in a flattering clean, yet utterly beige skull.

Who’s a flattering girl?

Finally it was time for bleaching. You don’t wish to use tangible bleach, since we will repairs your changed skeleton and mislay all of your stately work. Instead, squeeze many bottles of hydrogen peroxide (the 3% resolution we get during a pharmacy is copiousness strong) and pull your skeleton a good small bath.

I afterwards lonesome and left Wilburina in a peroxide bath until she lightened adult (this took about 6 hours), afterwards rinsed her good and let her dry fully. we glued a teeth behind in with crazy glue, and basked in a stately white heat of my newest treasure.

The whole thing was indeed was a most easier routine than we was awaiting it to be, so easy in fact, that we can follow along during home. If we would like to purify your possess skeleton (skull or otherwise), we need simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Slow prepare a skeleton to mislay any additional flesh, gristle, or other soothing tissue. You can use a Crock Pot or a sous-vide set up, yet we wish to aim for a heat of 165-180℉. Different-sized skeleton can take opposite amounts of time to get clean, so check yours each few hours to see how they’re doing.
  2. Scrub, collect and (gently) scratch divided loosened beef and tissue, saving any teeth that tumble out. If operative with a skull, use a bottle brush to assistance get a mind out, afterwards chuck that bottle brush out and unequivocally consider about how we got to this point.
  3. Soak overnight in a fatty bath, regulating a degreasing antiseptic such as Dawn.
  4. Rinse, afterwards soak in a 3% hydrogen peroxide resolution for several hours, stealing a skeleton as shortly as they have achieved your preferred shade of white.
  5. Rinse thoroughly, let dry, and glue any transient teeth behind in. (This usually relates if you’re operative with a skull, obviously; don’t glue teeth onto a femur. Where did we even get those additional teeth?)
  6. Display your creepy commemoration so that all who enter your headquarters might gawk on a unsettling beauty.

Group with other taxidermy to unequivocally set a mood.

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