How to Choose Who Gets a Last Piece of Food

At a cooking celebration or a family-style dish out, who gets a final square of food? In this mention of a cooking celebration how-to book Brunch Is Hell, Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam lay out a 3 standard bad solutions (no one cooking it, everybody shares small bites, an “alpha guest” hogs it), afterwards benefaction a smart five-point devise for awarding a final piece.

Perhaps a guest brought, as their grant to a meal, a singular white truffle value $10,000. Or maybe they tripped on a approach adult a stairs to your house, banged their skull into a railing, and arrived during your doorway with a draining conduct wound that is still oozing an hour later. Either way, they contributed something fantastic that no one in assemblage will shortly forget. For this a guest deserves a final square and, if needed, a float to a puncture room.

Their proposals are all cute, though they don’t unequivocally call for most ceremony, so they competence come off a small blunt in person. Shockingly, nothing of them use a Notting Hill solution: Hold a small competition right during a table. The chairman with a saddest story wins a final square of food.


Actually, in a Notting Hill cooking celebration stage (depicted here underneath a dozen watermarks), it’s a saddest life that wins a final brownie, that leads to tears and catharsis. (Fifteen years later, a honeyed and distressing Australian uncover You’re a Worst managed to make this diversion even sadder, and funnier.)

Real people don’t rebound behind utterly as quick as regretful comedy characters, so we competence wish to tinge this down to, say, “the saddest story from this week.” You could unequivocally make it anything we want, though self-deprecation is always a winner. Not usually does this spin a last-bit protocol into an activity, it also helps amp adult a cognisance as a guest pierce from cooking to drinks.

I’m compulsory by law to indicate out that a final bit of food is called, in Spanish, la de la vergüenza or “the one of shame.” And honestly, if we dump that small fact during a finish of a dinner, we can substantially only squeeze that square but a contest.

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