How to Choose a Best Pen for a Job

Ever travel into an art supply store and consternation what all a opposite kinds of pens and pencils are for? Is there a “correct” one to write with? What’s a best coop for lefties? Watch a elementary video beam to a best uses for ballpoints, jelly pens, and drum round pens.

Get out those Trapper Keepers and whet your No. 2 pencils—it’s Back-to-School Week! Going distant over a classroom, we’re bringing we talent tricks and ideas on how to start routines, brush adult on aged skills or learn something new this fall.

Ballpoints are good for bland writing. They don’t allegation much, so they’re a best choice for left-handers. Use a finer tip for smaller writing.


Roller round pens upsurge some-more simply and take reduction pressure, though that creates them allegation some-more easily. They’re improved for reduction absorbent materials, like glossy label stock.

Gel pens are in between those two. Because they upsurge some-more simply than ballpoints, they can use some-more pigments, so they’re accessible in some-more colors.

Felt-tip pens upsurge even some-more easily, creation them ideal for imprinting pressure-sensitive surfaces like CDs.


Wood pencils are good for sketch and sketching. Choose formed on softness (use this scale); a harder a pencil, a lighter the mark. (Medium softness is called “HB,” that customarily equates to a #2 pencil.)

Mechanical pencils are good for writing, though their skinny tip creates them bad for drawing. If your lead keeps breaking, try a wider lead, .7mm or up.

Of course, an artist can adjust any of these collection to startling uses. Check out Trent Morse’s book of ballpoint art to see a apparatus stretched to the limits.

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