How to Add Friends to Your Nintendo Switch

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One of a many interesting aspects of a diversion console is a ability to play with friends. Unfortunately, some vital diversion companies make it formidable to find and supplement friends to your list of intensity multiplayer buddies. If you’re regulating Nintendo’s Switch to correlate with your gaming brethren, here’s how to get your pals onto your friends list, and understanding with Nintendo’s dreaded “Friend Code” system.

Link Your Switch to Your Nintendo Account

To supplement friends to your Switch’s internal user account, you’ll have to bond it to your Nintendo account, a one you’ll use to conduct things like purchases, downloads, and crony requests.


On a Switch’s homepage, name a System Settings icon. Then, name “Users,” and name a form you’d like to associate with your account. Select Link Nintendo Account, and pointer in with your Nintendo Account (or emanate a new one by selecting “Create Account”).

Find Your Friend Code

After we couple your Switch’s user form to your Nintendo account, you’ll be means to supplement friends. Select your form in a top-left corner, and daub “Add Friend.” There, underneath a Sent Friend Requests icon, you’ll see your 12-digit Friend Code.

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