How Do we Securely Store My Medical Records?

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Dear Lifehacker:

Today, my mother took a dogs to a oldster to get their nails trimmed. Because it was a initial time to that vet, she indispensable their vaccination records. Luckily, we had photos of those annals on my phone from when they were final boarded, so it was impossibly discerning and easy to send. This got me thinking—we have a baby on a way, and carrying copies of essential medical annals for me, my wife, and a baby simply accessible to send in an puncture seems like a good idea. However, we don’t trust google photos to firmly store this kind of information. What are my options? Ideally we would wish something that is:


1. Encrypted.
2. Cloud or differently simply common and accessed by those we allow.
3. Mobile-enabled so we can entrance from my phone, that we all roughly always have on us.

Any assistance on options accessible would be severely appreciated!



Dear Ian:

Congratulations to your mother and yourself on your arriving tellurian offspring! Hopefully we can fist in some parental leave. Storing medical information is wily business, though there are a accumulation of ways to store a secure information while vouchsafing others entrance it in box of emergencies.


You can store it locally on your mechanism or smartphone, sync it to your inclination with a cloud storage service, or pointer adult for a health-specific information government service. Each choice has a advantages and downsides, though they’ll all assistance we get during your medical information whenever we need it, and in a secure fashion.

Store it in a Password Manager

Security and remoteness are peerless when storing medical information, so store your annals where we competence store other supportive information: a cue manager.


Some cue managers, like 1Password and LastPass, underline cloud storage options, vouchsafing we store images, documents, and other files with a rest of your supportive online information. Since cue managers sync and encrypt your essence opposite devices, you’ll have your medical information wherever we are, and a ability to share it with whomever you’d like.

Store it In The Cloud

Password managers are a stable breakwater for ethereal information, though if we wish to share your annals some-more easily, cruise a secure cloud storage service. A cloud storage use like SpiderOak uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring your supportive information is secure during each theatre during a transfer. You can emanate temporary, self-destructing links to share supportive information with people. You’ll have to pay, a cheapest subscription will run we $5 per month (or $59 per year) though will net we 100GB of secure storage on an total volume of devices.

Use a Health Management Service

Storing supportive information firmly on your smartphone by a cue manager is good and good, though we competence have some-more aptness regulating a medical information-centric service. Thanks to a proliferation of giveaway personal health record (PHR) services designed to store medical information and make it easier to access, we can store your information with big-name companies but worrying about it removing leaked or stolen.


A few vital companies have cloud services designed to hoop medical information. Microsoft has a possess HealthVault service, that enables we to accumulate health information from other apps and inclination and import it into your medical record, in further to your digitized records.

WebMD has a possess Personal Health Manager service, that stores medical information and facilities formation with a accumulation of other third-party apps and inclination as well. Apple is even rumored to be augmenting a Health app to hoop medical records, according to CNBC. That means we could eventually have your family’s medical story synced on your iPhone by iCloud. You should know, however, that information from your aptness inclination isn’t stable underneath HIPAA laws, so we competence not have control over what companies do with it.

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