How Apple’s New Speaker Compares to Sonos and Echo

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Apple’s HomePod is a company’s latest new gadget, make-up a intelligent assistant, intelligent home hub, and multi-room audio orator inside an overpriced, dull package.

At $349, HomePod positively pummels a intelligent home orator marketplace on pricing. Amazon’s Echo costs $180, while Sonos’ Play:1 is $199. Google Home is $129. All of them are espionage on you, in one approach or another.

Better sound, dumber assistant

The Homepod isn’t being pushed on consumers as a voice partner or even a intelligent home hub. Apple’s banking on this thing sounding damn good, and anticipating a rest will tumble into place.

Among a competition, HomePod seems to have a best audio setup of a bunch. Inside are 7 tweeters and a 4-inch subwoofer, and HomePod presumably adjusts a audio opening formed on a chain in a home. The Echo has never perceived high outlines for a audio quality, with a singular tweeter and subwoofer, while Sonos’ lineup is a elite multi-room setup for coastal magnanimous elites and association bathrooms everywhere.

Want to emanate a multi-room audio setup that honors your Palo Alto overlords? That’ll run we $700. That’s closer to a thousand dollars than it is to 0 dollars, so we wish we adore listening to tunes. You can grasp a same multi-room audio believe with dual Sonos Play:1 speakers, all for underneath $400.



The company’s self-awareness concerning Siri’s shortcomings is clear formed on how they report it on a HomePod page:

“Because it has Siri, HomePod can hear and answer questions in a many renouned categories. Timers. Clocks. Measurements. Translations. News. Sports. Weather. Traffic. And ubiquitous knowledge. It’s good during a things we wish to know, and do, in your home.”

That outline of what Siri can do pales in comparison to a skills Alexa boasts interjection to a Alexa Skills Kit, an API for third-party developers to confederate a partner into their apps.

HomeKit plays locate adult to Alexa’s ubiquity

HomePod also doubles as a intelligent home hub, a latest HomeKit-friendly heart besides a Apple TV (and your iOS device). That means we won’t need your phone each time we wish to spin on your intelligent lights and evidence some music—just roar into a blank “Hey, Siri!” With a six-microphone array, it should hear you.


Ditching your phone for always-on intelligent home control is great, though not unheard of. It’s fundamentally what a Echo does best, and Amazon’s conduct start means it already has a foothold in a home automation market, however nascent it might be. Amazon’s site is full of Alexa-enabled devices, and a harmony with intelligent home hubs like Samsung’s SmartThings means Apple’s already personification locate up.

It won’t be a outrageous opening to close, however. Companies like Ecobee and Belkin have combined or are adding support for Apple HomeKit by a further of hubs or program updates.

Spotify (or Amazon, or Tidal, or Google Play, or Pandora) fans need not apply

Right now HomePod usually supports a possess song streaming service, Apple Music. Apple’s press recover for a HomePod put into doubt a destiny of streaming song from your personal library. we reached out to Apple in sequence to explain what can and can’t be played on a HomePod, though never listened back.


I wasn’t awaiting Apple to come out of a embankment with support for Amazon or Spotify song streaming, though we positively was hopeful, generally after a association announced, in a same presentation, support for Amazon Video on Apple TV. What we was awaiting was something about personification song from your personal library. There’s no approach Apple would forestall users from streaming their possess tunes to a HomePod, though they did get absolved of Magsafe on their MacBooks, so anything is possible.

Aside from looking like a judgment pattern for what became a ruthless synthetic intelligence, a HomePod is flattering cute, if not a small bland. It’s a 7-inch high turn orator with a microphone array used to listen to your demands.

To recap: Apple’s $349 HomePod has a reduction able partner than Amazon, is concordant with fewer song platforms than Sonos, and is some-more costly than Google Home. Good thing it comes in dual colors! It’s out in December, so who knows what’ll occur between now and launch day? Ready your wallet.

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