How Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Stacks Up to Its Competitors


Amazon flattering many dominates a ereader marketplace during this point, though that hasn’t stopped a association from frequently pulling out new facilities and designs. Last year, we got a high-end Kindle Oasis, and now Amazon is doubling down with a appealing (if feeble named) New Kindle Oasis.

The new indication is cheaper, with a bigger shade and a garland of new perks including water-resistance and audio book support. But is it value upgrading from final year’s Oasis? And can other companies still contest with Amazon in a ereader market? Let’s find out.

The New Kindle Oasis Is Better Than a Old One, But How Much Better?

Left: New Kindle Oasis, Right: Kindle Oasis (2016)/Gizmodo

The New Kindle Oasis is a large alleviation in a lot of ways. It’s water-resistant with an IPX8 rating, definition we can asperse it in adult to 5 feet of H2O for 30 minutes. Amazon even claims it can tarry in salt water, that is singular among water-resistant gadgets.


It’s also a initial Kindle ereader to support audio books from Audible, that is also owned by Amazon. That means we can start reading a book and afterwards switch over to a audio chronicle though losing your spot—Amazon will even offer a bonus if we buy both a ebook and audio versions of a book during a same time. The usually problem is that a New Kindle Oasis doesn’t have a headphone penetrate or even USB-C (which supports audio output). Instead you’ll need Bluetooth headphones to take advantage of this feature.

New Kindle Oasis/Gizmodo

Other perks embody some-more storage (8GB instead of 4GB), additional LED backlights, a bigger shade (7 inches adult from 6 inches), 6 weeks of battery life and a slimmer design. The Kindle program also gets an ascent for faster page branch and some-more settings options, including an inverted dim mode where a shade is black and a content is white. It’s cheaper too, during $250 down from $290.


If we unequivocally wish a water-resistant ereader or we listen to a lot of audio books, a New Kindle Oasis is a estimable upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll substantially be excellent adhering with final year’s model.

Other Non-Amazon Options

Nook GlowLight Plus

If you’re in a marketplace for a new ereader though you’re not an Amazon fan, we do have other choices. Barnes Noble sells a full hardware lineup, including a luxurious-but-low-priced Nook GlowLight Plus. There’s also a Kobo Aura One, that offers identical facilities and a bigger shade for somewhat reduction than a New Kindle Oasis.

The Nook GlowLight Plus packs a neat aluminum design, 6 weeks of battery life and a 6-inch shade for usually $129.99. It’s also IP67 certified, definition it’s waterproof for adult to 30 mins in about 3 feet of uninformed H2O (not salt H2O like a New Kindle Oasis). On a downside, it’s blank a page-turning buttons adored by Amazon and usually offers 4GB of storage.

Barnes Noble’s biggest advantage is a hundreds of earthy stores. You can travel into any plcae and get discerning tech support or giveaway Wi-Fi for your Nook. That’s something Amazon can’t match—at slightest for now. However, with Barnes Noble now subsidy out of a ereader business, a Nook’s destiny pattern and tenure is uncertain, so if we don’t already possess one, now competence not be a time to invest.

Kobo Aura One

Finally, there’s Kobo Aura One, that comes in during $229.99. It has a 7.8-inch screen, that competence be too large to lift around absolutely though good if we do many of your reading on a cot during home. It’s also water-resistant for adult to an hour and offers 8GB of storage.


If you’re looking for something cheaper with a reward pattern a Nook GlowLight is a good choice. If we wish a large shade above all else try a Kobo Aura One. Otherwise, a New Kindle Oasis is a best all-around option.

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