Here’s Why You Should Embrace Multi-Account Web Browsing

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Firefox users bouncing between work and personal accounts on a daily basement are substantially sleepy of logging in and out, or switching accounts. Thanks to a new (and overdue) Mozilla-made Multi-Account Container extension, we won’t have to worry about remembering that comment you’re logged into. If you’re unmotivated about separating work and personal accounts, we can still take advantage of multi-account browsing to safety your remoteness or daunt bad habits.

Mozilla’s Multi-Account Container prolongation is an appendage for a Firefox web browser. It works by separating browsing sessions and browser cookies, putting them in their possess “Container” tabs that act exclusively of one another, even yet they’re in a same web browser window. You can customize your Container with a name, color, and idol for easy identification. Multi-account web browsing is ideal for gripping opposite aspects of your life (like personal and veteran email or amicable accounts) distant while creation switching between them flattering simple.

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But let’s contend you’ve got no difficulty separating your work and personal accounts. You can still take advantage of a multi-account browsing feature, generally if you’re an zealous amicable media user or online shopper.


Creating a Container appendage for a purpose of online selling is useful if we wish to be some-more unwavering about your spending habits. You can have a singular “Shopping” Container that houses your credit label or bank information, saves your Amazon comment information, and keeps that auto-filling credit label information divided from a rest of your browsing knowledge when we switch Containers.

Containers are also useful for browsing a web but swelling identifiable information. Keeping your amicable media accounts in one Container while we crop in your “Research” Container, for example, can stop sites from tracking your activity opposite a web and comparing it with your sold amicable media accounts.


Google Chrome already facilities built-in multi-account browsing support, so a appendage is prolonged overdue for Firefox users. Luckily we won’t need to refurbish your web browser to use a extension, only supplement a prolongation here.

Put your mixed personalities in Firefox Multi-Account Containers | Mozilla

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