Here’s How To Get Used Motor Oil Off Of Your Walls

If you’re an zealous wrencher like me, and you’ve been vital in a residence lonesome in oil stains for years, be stained no more. we have a resolution that might change your life.

I know it’s substantially tough to take cleaning recommendation from someone who attempted regulating stained garments by dyeing them in engine oil, and who spotless greasy automobile tools with his dishwasher. But this time is different, we promise; for a initial time ever, we indeed have real, useful sanitation advice.


You see, after my crony and we rebuilt my 1948 Jeep’s send box in my kitchen sink, we suspicion my residence was flattering most toast; that I’d have to live out a rest of my years in a soiled cavern coated in nasty oil residue.

The things was everywhere—counter tops, appliances, walls, floors, toilet handles, sinks, my shower; 0 was spared. It got so bad that my friends refused to come over to visit.

I attempted removing a soil off with a garland of opposite cleaners. we used Windex and Kroger code multi-surface cleaners, Dawn plate soap churned with water, a resolution of of white vinegar and water, CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner—but these cleaners possibly compulsory tons of scrubbing, or they only couldn’t get absolved of a stains completely.


Search formula on a internet endorsed bizarre concoctions regulating corn starch, and many folks seem to only suggest repainting walls that had been stained with oil. Upon reading that, all wish seemed lost, until—in a final embankment bid to live in a semi-presentable abode—I grabbed my foaming lavatory cleaner and a hurl of paper towels.

The cleaner, that we substantially famous as Scrubbing Bubbles, is fundamentally an expanding froth that’s designed to mangle adult soap trash from showers or a crap in your toilets. But a things also works to mangle adult oil from flattering most any tough surface.

Let a formula pronounce for themselves; check out this wall in my kitchen, that is lonesome in oil stains that have been there for months:

I sprayed some lavatory cleaner on it, and waited a notation or two:

Here’s how it looked after a singular focus of a lavatory cleaner; successive applications have resulted in a ideally white wall with 0 stains:

Here’s one of my greasy light-switches:

After some froth and some light scrubbing with a paper towel, that switch roughly looks presentable:

The misfortune delinquent was my door, that we mostly non-stop while in a center of a unwashed slashing job. The edges looked hideous:

But only demeanour during this magic:

The fridge hoop was even some-more difficult, since a cosmetic is textured, definition my paper towel unequivocally didn’t do a good pursuit during digging into a troughs:

So we pennyless out a bristle brush:

And within seconds, my refrigerator—which binds all sorts of dishes that should substantially sojourn giveaway from carcinogenic oils—finally looks presentable:

To infer a eagerness of my law (not patented) oil-stain dismissal technique, we went outward into my garage, grabbed an oil locate pan, and dipped my palm into some nasty used 10W-30. Then we wiped a soil onto a white wall:

You could disagree that wiping oil on a residence that we lease is a unsure move, though only demeanour during how good that inexpensive Kroger-brand foaming cleaner took that oil off.


So for all we bad saps out there who, like me, have been vital in a disgusting, oil-covered house, cruise this a open use announcement: lavatory cleaner is your salvation.

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