Have Math Anxiety? Here’s How to Not Pass It Down to Your Kid

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“Anyone here good during geometry? we suck, and my child needs help. Help!”

“Common Core math—I need some-more booze for this.”

“Looking during these receptive numbers is creation me really irrational!”

All over Facebook, we see relatives agonizing—and commiserating—over their kids’ homework, quite their math homework. I’m not there yet, as my daughter is usually 4, though I’ve been dreading this stage—I’ve already called “Not it!” to my father on a preference of who will assistance her with all things mathematical. (I’ll instead explain English and, hmm, maybe pottery.)


But it might be time to change my attitude. It turns out that parents’ fear of math can be upheld along to a kids though us realizing it. Many adults have had a indicate (or several) in their lives when they announced themselves “not a math person,” and that’s understandable. Education experts contend a approach students have traditionally been lerned in math—with timed tests, prolonged lists of manners to memorize, and even a arrogance that 100 percent is a ideal score—is not usually stress-inducing, though ineffective. Some studies uncover that 10 to 20 percent of adults have high math anxiety.

Yet math is apparently important—it’s a gatekeeper to careers in science, medicine, technology, and engineering. The good news is that according to Jo Boaler, a highbrow of arithmetic preparation during Stanford University and a CEO of a math preparation apparatus youcubed, any child can grasp during a top levels in math during school, if they are given a opportunities.

Here’s how to support your math-learning child when we have math anxiety.

Don’t Empathize (Aloud) If Your Kid Says He or She Is Bad during Math

“Never contend to your child ‘I was bad during math, too,’” Boaler tells me. “Instead, say, ‘The new mind scholarship tells us that anyone’s mind can grow and change, and we can rise new math pathways to learn anything.”


Moms have a quite singular challenge. Researchers have found that as shortly as mothers common with their daughters that they dislike math or that they are bad during it, their daughters’ feat went down.

Don’t Tell Kids They’re Wrong as They’re Working Out Problems

Instead, Boaler says, find a proof in their thinking. “For example, if your child multiplies 3 by 4 and gets 7, say, ‘Oh we see what we are thinking, we are regulating what we know about further to supplement 3 and 4, when we greaten we have 4 groups of 3 …’” she writes on her website.

Do Play Math Games and Puzzles

Boaler says math games, puzzles and apps assistance kids “develop series sense, that is critically important.” Here’s a good list to start with.

Do Create a Math-Positive Environment during Home

Harris Cooper, a highbrow of psychology and neuroscience during Duke University, tells a New York Times that math-anxious relatives can assistance their children home by displaying “math behavior”:

The diversion plan: Tell your child, “‘You have your math homework, and we have mine,’” he said, and uncover them whenever we “count your change, calculate when cooking will be ready, demeanour during prices in a grocery store.”

Do Help a Kid Who’s Stuck By Asking Engaging Questions

If we don’t know how to solve a math problem, seeking questions can assistance both of we make clarity of it.

The Mathematics Education Collaboratives gives some questions to start with.

What if your child comes home with a math problem and says, “I don’t get it!”

Your pursuit is to consider of questions that will rivet him or her in a problem:

  • What is a problem about? Tell me in your possess words.
  • What did we do in category to get started?
  • Can we make a blueprint or pull a sketch?
  • What assumptions are we making?
  • How do we know we are elucidate a right problem?
  • Could there be any blank or additional information?
  • Can we solve a easier chronicle of a problem?

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