Give a Gift of a Nearly Indestructible Umbrella For 20% Off 

You could buy a $5 powerful each time we get held in a storm, usually to watch it disintegrate before we get to safety, or we could deposit in a Blunt powerful for 20% off.

Blunt umbrellas underline dull reserve tips to equivocate poking anyone in a eye, embody a special slot for a Tile device tracker, and many importantly, can withstand winds of adult to 72 mph (in a box of a customary model, others are lower). For reference, pleasant storms turn hurricanes during 74 mph, so if your Blunt ever succumbs to a wind, we substantially have bigger things to worry about. You can see it in movement in a video above, that privately left me slack-jawed.


Note: Make certain you’re shopping from a BLUNT USA listing, not a listing, or else a formula won’t work. You’ll still get Prime shipping.

These umbrellas frequency ever go on sale, though this week only, we can save 20% on possibly size, and in any color, with promo formula 97CBRENE. The many renouned models are a Classic and a smaller Metro:

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